Golang / Go Job: Golang/Rust/PostgreSQL Developer

Lighthouse Capital

Golang/Rust/PostgreSQL Developer at Lighthouse Capital

Remote › 🇪🇺 100% remote position (in European timezone)

$50,000 - $100,000 USD

Job description
Golang Developer for Algorithmic Trading Company (Remote, Europe)
– This is not a typical company. You will be working with one other developer who will also be managing you and reviewing your code at the moment. That is me.

I am based in Switzerland though am an American.
I do not want to have lots of meetings. I have a developer who has worked for me for two months and he and I have had zero meetings
I want to reduce tasks to simple, well defined programs (where possible which is most places). I believe in what is typically called microservice architecture to maximize the simplicity and maintanability of code (e.g. you can open a file and see all/almost all of the code and immediately find and fix a problem).
There are many aspects of an automated trading system that need to recur (e.g. ingestion of historical market data). If these “aspects” are broken down into many small parts, if one has a problem the others will still be running so most of the other programs can continue. If there are say 3 large programs and one fails, then the whole system must stop.
I am a developer myself so understand how to convey engineering requirements.
I care less about 9-5 working hours than overall productivity. That said I do want at least half of daily working hours to overlap with me to make sure we are always on the same page and stuff is proceeding according to my design
Eventually we will need a GUI to monitor processes and trading results, so if you have experience with frontend development that is a plus
Strong analytical and problem skills are a huge plus
My compa

Here’s the standard jobbledygook stuff:

Job Description: This algorithmic trading company seeking a skilled Golang Developer to join our company. The ideal candidate will have a strong knowledge of Golang, Postgresql, and working with Linux, as well as a strong ability to work independently, remotely.

Develop, maintain, and optimize scalable and secure backend services using Golang for our algorithmic trading platform
Write numerous microservices that repeatedly update various aspects of our trading system
Troubleshoot and debug production issues as they arise

Proficiency in Golang, with a strong emphasis on writing clean, efficient, and maintainable code
Experience working with Postgresql, including database design, performance tuning, and optimization in a trading context
Familiarity with Linux and working in a command-line environment
Strong problem-solving and communication skills
Ability to work independently in a remote team environment

Location and Compensation: This is a full-time remote position based in Europe, with a requirement to be within 2 hours of central European time (Zürich). The salary for this position ranges from $50,000-$100,000 per year, depending on experience and qualifications. The language is English. You must be fluent or near fluent in English.

If you meet these requirements and are interested in this position, please submit your application along with your CV and cover letter. We are excited to hear from you and discuss how your skills can contribute to our development team.


Company: Lighthouse Capital

Location: 🇪🇺 EU Remote, 100% Remote

Map of Europe

Skills wanted, in addition to Golang:
golang postgresql rust linux microservices

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