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Backend Engineer at Neon

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  (Posted Dec 12 2022)

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Job description
Neon is an open-source company on a mission to create a cloud-native Postgres database as a service for every developer.

We’re a close-knit team of 40 people with an ambitious goal to make a cloud-based Postgres toolkit accessible for every developer in building their apps.  

We are building a game-changing open source PostreSQL, and to make this happen we are looking for an experienced Backend Engineer who will contribute to the core technological architecture of Neon's storage.

You’ll have the chance to contribute to an auto-scaling, on-demand database as a service for modern applications, which is an open-source alternative to Amazon Aurora.

You will:
Join an experienced Golang team and contribute to the development of new features for the revolutionary product
Contribute to the overall PostgreSQL community
Play a key role in ensuring the code is written cleanly and well documented
Formulate new ideas and methods to contribute to Neon via conversations with internal stakeholders and other software engineers

We’re looking for someone who has
5+ years’ experience developing Golang
Experience focusing on backend development
Experience with infrastructure components such as Kubernetes, Dockers, Github CI/CD, and cloud technologies
Python experience is beneficial 

About Neon
Neon is the first multi-cloud, open source, fully managed, and serverless Postgres. We aim to provide developers with the best Postgres experience in the cloud.

Neon was created by a team of Postgres hackers, and led by CEO Nikita Shamgunov (co-founder of SingleStore). Neon is built on open-source principles and is focused on giving back to the Postgres and developer communities.

Our Team
We are distributed team of 30 people working from North America, Europe, and the Middle East
We are team built on open sources cultural principles (transparency, contribution, accountability) 
Team with decades of experience building databases and deep knowledge of Postgres internals. We are deeply technical 
We have experienced Postgres committers and hackers on the team (check Heikki, Anastasia, Arseny, Matthias)
We believe in the efficacy of collaborative open source 
We aim for a diversity of thoughts and backgrounds
We are keen to be a fast-moving flat org and avoid hierarchical structures
We are startup with all that it implies:)

Our Investors
Top-tier investors backed up Neon's vision:
We raised $54.3m from GGV Capital, Khosla Ventures, General Catalyst, Founders Fund
Our angels investors are prominent technologists, and ecosystem players. More than 20 awesome angels supported Neon, including Nat Friedman, Elad Gil, Mike Ovitz, Ajeet Singh, Guillermo Rauch, Søren Brammer Schmidt, and Wes McKinney
Our Board includes Quentin Clark, Glenn Solomon, Joe Morrissey, and Leigh Marie Braswell

Our Offer
You have an opportunity to be an early employee in the fast-scaling ambitious team
You can work 100% remote: we'll handle all formalities to arrange work from your home
We pay top of the market in most parts of the world
We grant equity (stock options) for all full-time hires
We offer a competitive benefits package in line with all tech companies (top-notch equipment, unlimited vacations, paid parental leaves, med insurance, and much more)
We are distributed, yet make our bonds during regular offsites (the last one was in Mexico)

Hiring Process 
We like to keep things and get awesome people fast. Our goal is to get a hiring process done within a week from the moment we reviewed your application. 

The entire hiring process is fully remote.
Once you have submitted your CV, our team will review it and we can contact you to schedule an initial call with a Talent Acquisition Partner.
If we move on to the next steps, you will have 3 technical interviews with our Hiring Team. All interviews are 1:1 with our Software Engineers and usually last 45-60 minutes.
Once all the interviews are over, our team will swiftly analyze the results of all the steps and present the final decision.

Please mention that you found the job at Golangprojects.com

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Company: Neon

job info / career page
Linkedin profile
Github: neondatabase
Location: 🌐 Worldwide, 100% Remote

World Map

Skills wanted, in addition to Golang:
aurora golang kubernetes postgres postgresql


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