Golang / Go Job: Staff/Principal Backend Engineer - Go, Python, AWS (100% Remote, Americas)


Staff/Principal Backend Engineer - Go, Python, AWS (100% Remote, Americas) at Nira

Remote โ€บ 100% remote position (in the Americas timezones)
  (Posted Sep 19 2022)

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150000-200000 USD

Job description
Job Description

Nira is looking for an experienced backend architect/senior developer to join our fast-growing engineering team working in the cloud content security domain. You will provide technical expertise across design, implementation and support of Python and Golang components in our high performance data processing, storage and integrations areas.

If youโ€™re a creative problem-solver and enjoy a fast-paced work environment, then this is a great opportunity for you.

For operational reasons it is a requirement for this role to be based in the Americas region, ie GMT-3 to GMT-7. Please do not apply if you are not located in this timezone.

What Youโ€™ll Do

- Lead the design and development of scalable and high performing / high resilience backend services written in Python and Golang.
- Solution design/architecture in the general area of event, stream and graph data processing and enterprise SaaS API integration.
- Influence design and implementation of integrations which connect Python and Golang components to other parts of Niraโ€™s platform and to 3rd party ecosystems.
- Performance engineering to achieve throughput, resilience and enable scaling.
- Code standards, code reviews, technical planning/research, testing/QA.
- Assist in scoping, estimating, and planning of projects, particularly from a technical architecture perspective.
- Assist in leading a squad of 2-5 engineers collaborating to deliver new feature/function bundles.
- Mentor and coach other engineers to grow their skills and experience in Python, Golang and complementary AWS technologies.

What We're Looking For

- Bachelors degree or equivalent experience, but quite likely a qualification in a quantitative science (computer science, mathematics, engineering, physics, statistics, economics etc).
- Youโ€™ve got 5-8 years of experience in designing, building and maintaining enterprise services specifically written in Golang or Python, and the broader Golang or Python ecosystems (eg package and dependency management). If youโ€™ve made Open Source contributions in these languages, thatโ€™s a bonus.
- Youโ€™ve got 5+ years of experience with microservices, large scale distributed data processing, message passing and event streaming, and enterprise APIs.
- You have high accountability and ownership of your work, but a willingness to collaborate with others to achieve shared goals.
- You have a bias towards action. You love to move fast, are self motivated, and a life-long learner.
- You care about working on fast-growing products while iterating and sweating the details.
- Youโ€™re willing to do whatever it takes, even if this means working outside of your role (backend help frontend, frontend help backend, handle customer support, etc).
- Youโ€™re able to effectively balance speed/quality/tech debt and make engineering decisions that enable speed and quality results.
- Youโ€™re a product thinker who cares about the customer.

Benefits and Perks

- Work From Anywhere - 100% remote/distributed
- Flexible Work Schedule
- BYO Kit or Company Allowance
- Competitive Salary
- Unlimited PTO
- Medical and Dental (US only)

Reference #3org3

Please mention that you found the job at Golangprojects.com

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Company: Nira

job info / career page
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Fully remote in the Americas timezones

Map of the Americas

Skills wanted, in addition to Golang:
aws go python golang microservices

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