Golang / Go Job: Senior Back End Developer (Golang)


Senior Back End Developer (Golang) at ProjectDiscovery

Remote › 🌐 Worldwide, 100% remote position
  (Posted Sep 14 2022)

Job description
Engineering/Development · Remote worldwide, US & EU preferred
ProjectDiscovery is an open-source cyber-security company that builds a range of softwares for security engineers and developers. Our user base is among the largest in the InfoSec community, and we are used by top internet companies’ security and developer teams, including Fastly, Microsoft, CloudFlare, Gitlab, Facebook, IBM, and many others.

We are well funded and just recently raised $25M in our Series A. Backed by current/former CXOs from companies like Fastly, Databricks, Google, Twitter, HashiCorp, RedHat.

You're a backend engineer with 6+ years of software experience. You're ready to be an individual contributor, design and build sophisticated systems quickly, and collaborate in a fast-paced environment.

You are a product-focused engineer that takes just as much pride in the user experience of your product as you do the performance.

6+ years of experience as a backend developer, with at least 3+ years of experience working with GO language.
Strong knowledge of working with Go paradigms and best practices
Good knowledge of concurrency in Go - goroutines, channel patterns, Go ecosystem, and tools available
Worked on or have an understanding of various frameworks in Go
Ability to dissect and recommend best tools for the job
Worked with microservices architecture and patterns, DevOps, and continuous delivery.
Experience building APIs with gRPC or REST
Some experience with deployment processes including knowledge of Kubernetes and Docker.
Strong knowledge of PostgreSQL / MySQL

What will you work on:
Here is our work: https://github.com/projectdiscovery you are directly going to be involved in many of these open-source projects. 90%+ code base is written in Go.
Developing high-volume, low-latency applications for large systems and coping with the challenges of working in a distributed and highly concurrent environment.
You will also be coding new features and have an active role in the defining the backend architecture, which includes designing microservices and researching new alternatives and technologies.

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Company: ProjectDiscovery

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