Golang / Go Job: Workflow Developer

Artefactual Systems Inc.

Workflow Developer at Artefactual Systems Inc.

Remote β€Ί 100% remote position (in the Americas timezones)
  (Posted Aug 17 2022)

Job description
Build open source software for the cultural memory sector.

About the Position
Successful candidates will play an integral role in building new distributed applications using Temporal (https://temporal.io/) and Cloud Native technologies. Our customers want open source solutions that can be run in multiple cloud environments and in on-premise data centres, with a strong emphasis on security and reliability. You will play a key role in designing and delivering modern technology into some of the world’s leading cultural memory organisations, such as libraries, archives, museums, and galleries.

Successful candidates will be comfortable tackling challenging technical problems, building deep understanding of client needs and requirements, and iterating quickly to deliver incremental value as part of a multidisciplinary and collaborative team. We are looking for people who can quickly start contributing and help others to contribute and improve.

You will be responsible for
* Building web and backend applications
* Design and deliver great software solutions in a collaborative team that are used in Artefactual-supported customer environments and released as open source software.
* Improving software development processes
* Continuous improvement in tech and software processes and practices
* Discovering and delivering the best solutions to achieve client objectives
* Participate in the design and implementation of specific client solutions, including understanding and addressing client non-functional requirements
* Provide evidence based guidance and recommendations; clearly communicating advantages, disadvantages & risks

Skills and Qualifications

Must have
* Experience as a professional software developer in web and/or back-end development
* Works great in a team setting
* Strong drive to learn and improve continually
* Good communication skills in English
* Comfortable and productive in a Linux development and deployment environment
* Remote work with at least 4 hours overlap with 8am-4pm Pacific Standard Time

Nice to have
* Interest and experience using Temporal or Cadence
* Experience in programming languages such as Golang, TypeScript, Python
* Experience working in Agile methodologies and practices
* Experience with Cloud Native technologies
* Experience working in open source software projects and communities
* Experience mentoring developers, including architecture discussions and leadership skills
* Education and/or experience working in the Cultural memory sector (in Archives, Galleries, Museums or Libraries)
* Legally able to work in Canada

About Artefactual
Artefactual Systems Inc. (https://www.artefactual.com/) provides archival management and digital preservation products and services to the cultural memory sector using open source software. We help to ensure that our international client base is able to care for the evidence of the past so that it can be trusted in the future. Though founded and still based in British Columbia, Canada, we have staff across Canada, the US, Spain, the UK, and El Salvador. We ground all our work in 4 core values: openness, collaboration, sustainability, and trustworthiness.

Artefactual values the diversity of the people it hires and serves. Our success is reliant on building teams that include people from different backgrounds and experiences who share their ideas and perspectives and participate openly in a collaborative, respectful, and supportive working environment. We are dedicated to hiring humans, not just a resume. We look for a diverse pool of applicants including those from historically marginalized groups. We invite you to apply even if you don’t think you meet all the requirements listed.

We are not working with agencies or recruiters.


Company: Artefactual Systems Inc.

Artefactual Systems Inc.
Linkedin profile
Fully remote in the Americas timezones

Map of the Americas

Skills wanted, in addition to Golang:
golang linux python typescript


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