Golang / Go Job: Senior Software Engineer (GoLang)

Zuva Inc.

Senior Software Engineer (GoLang) at Zuva Inc.

Remote โ€บ 100% remote position in Canada
  (Posted Jan 6 2022)

About the company
Zuva is a spin-out of Kira Systems, a leader in the contract analysis space and trusted by a majority of the AmLaw 100 law firms. With Zuva comes the team of Machine Learning scientists, designers and developers, who over the past 10+ years have built and refined this patented, award-winning technology.

Job description
Weโ€™re Zuva. Weโ€™ve built machine learning software that helps businesses make better decisions by understanding the details of their documents. Weโ€™re accelerating this opportunity by making our machine learning available to developers and software vendors, helping them build new and better solutions for their customers.

Zuva is a unique early-stage company. Weโ€™ve been building, refining and selling our technology for 10+ years, and now as a newly formed spin-out company, venturing into the business document intelligence space.

Our team is primarily based in Toronto, with plans to become a global workforce. From building trusted partnerships with our clients to delivering an employee experience that is second to none, our people are at the center of all that we do.

Zuva is hiring an experienced Full stack/Backend Developer with experience in using Go to be a key member for one of our cross-functional product teams. You'll be joining a small but nimble team of empowered developers in a supportive environment that values experimentation. We work in small and focused cross-functional teams, usually made up of a Product Manager, Designer(s), and a mix of Frontend and Backend Engineers.

What you will be doing
At Zuva you will have the opportunity to design, develop and deploy backend cloud-native services within a containerised microservices architecture. The work is cutting edge, constantly changing and focused on building and operating critical, highly available, low latency, scalable solutions. You will play an active role in introducing new technologies, applying machine learning solutions, and collaborating on technical and architectural decisions. Participate in greenfield projects and enjoy end-to-end ownership from concept to deployment, including building and operating infrastructure, toolset and deployment pipelines.

Here are a few of the tools and methodologies we utilize:

Infrastructure: Azure, Kubernetes
Tools: Argo, Hasura, Terraform, Tilt, GitHub
Storage: PostgreSQL, Blob Storage
Code: Go, containerised microservices
Ways of working: Pair Programming, 100% remote, DevSecOps

(Don't worry if you don't have all the experience - we are really looking for capability)

What you bring :

Experience in designing and building systems
Familiarity with cloud and containerisation technologies, test automation tools and CI/CD pipelines
Interest in owning projects end-to-end and supporting them as they go live in production
Appreciation of clean code and software engineering best-practice
Great communication skills who enjoy sharing knowledge and collaborating with others
Go experience is a must

Why Join Zuva?

Weโ€™ve got a dream team. Zuva is filled with smart, curious, independent, and self-motivated people. Together, we make up a culture that values diversity of thought, creative thinking and fun.

There is room to grow. We work on challenging problems. Itโ€™s hard (in a good way) and it gives ample opportunities for growth. We also believe in the power of learning. We provide an annual learning budget to all Zuvans, as well as regular learning sessions hosted by internal and external experts.

The future is flexible. While weโ€™re all remote right now, we have a number of fully remote team members around the world. Covid-19 has reminded us that our health and well-being come before anything, which means you have flexibility when it comes to designing your work day. It also means that we have a flexible vacation policy that allows you to take time off when you need it.

Weโ€™ve always got your back. Literally. Got a knot in your back? We have a comprehensive health and benefits plan for you and your family, as well as access to Employee Assistance Programs. Weโ€™ve also implemented and are continuing with โ€œcompany shut-down daysโ€ that we started since last year. These provide an opportunity for everyone to step back and recharge at the same time.

Proven Technology and Design. Machine learning is driving a new industrial revolution, and we have a product with proven technology and clients who are excited about our product! Moreover, we care about great design and a great customer experience.

Additional Notes
Zuva believes that at the foundation of our success are the people who work here. We are an equal opportunity employer and believe our diversity is a driver of success at our company. Any race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or identity, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status are welcome here. Accommodations are available on request for all aspects of the selection process.

Please be aware that due to the nature of our business all successful candidates must clear a background check before beginning employment.


Company: Zuva Inc.

Zuva Inc.
job info / career page
Linkedin profile
Github: zuvaai
Location: Canada Remote, 100% Remote

Map of USA and Canada

Skills wanted, in addition to Golang:
golang azure go kubernetes microservices
postgresql terraform


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