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Backend Engineer - Remote through Vistas Recruitment

Remote › 100% remote position (in European timezone)
  (Posted Oct 25 2021)

About the recruiter
Martin was the first recruiter to specialise in Go (since 2015) and we believe the best!
He works as an independent recruiter and as such provides a highly personal and knowledgeable service to candidates and clients alike.
Trained as a software engineer, he has extensive experience in recruitment (over 25 years) and has built up a great network of companies across the UK & Europe looking to hire Gophers.
He’s also active in the Go community, regularly sponsoring conferences and meetups.

€70,000 - €100,000 Per Annum (Equity plus unlimited holiday)

Job description
Location: Remote (UTC-UTC+3 hours)
Type: Permanent
Salary: €70,000 - €100,000 Per Annum (Equity plus unlimited holiday)

Do you want to help developers discover code in any form and improve their productivity?
Do you believe machine learning can empower better software development?
Do you want to do all this with Go?

My client is a stealth-mode start-up funded by Silicon Valley's top investors (First investors of Google, Zoom, Uber, Linkedin and Twitter). They are building an intelligent code discovery platform that enables developers to discover code in any form, benefit from contextual insights and improve their productivity.

They are building a world class, distributed team and have asked me to help them find senior Go engineers to help them build the platform. You're the right person for this role if you could ship an entire web service if you wanted to, but prefer working with others.

Their stack comprises:

- Go for the backend - data fetching pipelines, tooling
- Typescript, Svelte for the Frontend
- Python for machine learning
- PostgreSQL for data storage
- Google Cloud platform
- OpenSearch for the search engine
- Terraform for cloud automation

You will:

- Write and maintain services, tools, APIs, wearing many hats
- Use SQL to interact with their data
- Leverage services provided by ther cloud provider to power their products
- Optimize and focus on performance with an emphasis on user experience and cost
- Monitor and own your work in production
- Protect their work by writing tests and automating quality control where possible
- Write real-time pipelines that execute complex operations on incoming data
- Experiment in ways that accelerate prototyping and maximize resource utilization
- Ensure pipelines work quickly, focus on fast single node performance and leverage horizontal scaling
- Manage their data pipeline, including scheduling, dataflow programming, SQL and data labeling
- Orchestrate the operation of clusters of commodity machines
- Review code, mentor other engineers and support your peers
- Attract, recruit and retain top engineering and scientific talent

Ideally, you should have:

- Expertise in microservices and cloud computing—across cloud platforms
- A proficiency with distributed systems and the coordination of high volume independent commodity machines into complete, functional systems to handle diverse workloads
- Minimum 8+ years of professional software engineering experience
- Expertise with ETL
- Expertise with Go
- Expertise with Python
- Experience in building the server side including the web & public API
- Experience working remotely, capable of leveraging asynchronous communication patterns
- Experience documenting your work for the benefit of your peers

In addition to competitive remuneration, they offer equity and unlimited holiday and sick leave.

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Recruiter: Vistas Recruitment

Location: EU Remote, 100% Remote

Map of Europe

Skills wanted, in addition to Golang:
go microservices node postgresql python
sql terraform typescript

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