Golang / Go Job: Lead Backend Engineer (Golang)

JustWatch GmbH

Lead Backend Engineer (Golang) at JustWatch GmbH

๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช Germany โ€บ Berlin
  (Posted Oct 11 2021)

About the company
JustWatch redefines how users discover movies and TV shows in the booming jungle of streaming and content. The platform has rapidly grown to over 20 million entertainment users per month in 50 markets worldwide. JustWatch is on track to become the ultimate search and discovery platform for the โ€žNew TVโ€œ era.

Do they allow remote work?
Remote work is possible, see the description below for more information.

Job description
At JustWatch, we believe in a Power Tools approach to marketing automation. Being the first fully Movie & TV show entertainment-centred marketing platform worldwide, we dared to build our own full-cycle campaign automation, targeting and fulfilment system from scratch, as there was nothing that existed anywhere close to our needs.

To take our business tool suite to the next level, we are searching for a Lead Backend Engineer (Golang) with experience in building service & workflow automation. The current rapid expansion of our internal user & client base, feature set and developer team call for a top-notch problem solver with a service attitude.

Working directly with the internal stakeholders in a small and highly integrated team, you would take over responsibility for the further development of our market leading campaign management systems, as well as for leading and mentoring the existing team.

Domain Experience with Private DMPs, DSPs, Agency tooling, Machine Learning and the Adtech/MarTech ecosystem comes as a benefit for this position, but is not strictly needed.

Who you are

- You value progress and making things happen over perfection
- You're not afraid of taking shortcuts where they are possible, but remember them and eventually remove them
- You care about clean craft, good tooling and valuable metrics to fit your solutions into our 12factor Kubernetes stack, deploying it with ChatOps (which is fun)

What you will do

- Take a full responsibility for the architecture of our internal campaign and audience management systems, working directly with the people using it every day
- Drive the evolution of our B2B core product together with our Head of Marketing Automation, with significant responsibility for product KPIs and technical design
- Mentor and develop the talent we already have on board, as well as help find and hire promising candidates for your team

What you will need to succeed

- Trusted leadership personality who radiates positive energy, is rarely happy with the status quo and always connects everyone in your team with the knowledge they need
- Demonstrated responsibility for repeatable results on a software product in a highly dynamic environment before, preferably with multiple stakeholders
- Engineering background, with deep Backend skills in Golang
- Pragmatic, hands-on mindset, you carry a service attitude and you like to solve problems with the help of automation & technology
- Knack for boring technology, simple solutions, under-design and timeless elegance
- Solid code craftsmanship including great communication, consistency and writing code to be read by others
- Skills around the command line, including networking, orchestration and web technologies
- Experience with SQL data stores, preferably PostgreSQL
- Fluency in English and ability to (eventually) work onsite in Berlin

If you feel like you are missing some of the hard skills โ€“ donโ€™t worry, we are hiring for the attitude, values, and personality.

Currently, we all work from home which is why the role initially will be remote. Yet we miss the human contact and real-life team spirit and are excited to get back to our new offices at the historic Backfabrik as soon as possible. So in a couple of months, the role will be Berlin-Based.
If you do not live in Berlin, we provide relocation and visa support.


Company: JustWatch GmbH


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