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Software Engineer | Integrations at WellHive

Remote › 100% remote position (in the US)
  (Posted Sep 8 2021)

Job description
About Us

WellHive is a fast-growing organization focused on transforming the way health systems coordinate and deliver care through secure, modern technology. Our teams leverage the latest in cloud-based tools and services to design and build complex and compelling applications. Every employee is treated as a valued contributor that brings their own unique experience and perspective to the issues we are solving for our users. WellHive proudly offers competitive pay and benefits in addition to flexible working conditions.

About the Position

We are looking for a Backend Software Engineer to join our Integrations team. The primary responsibility of the Backend Software Engineer is to facilitate and coordinate with internal and external stakeholders on the design, development and testing of application programming interfaces. WellHive APIs are written in golang and hosted in AWS Elastic Container Service. These APIs integrate with a multitude of third-party systems in order to provide value to our customers. This position is technical and will leverage a broad scope of skills and knowledge of interface systems and protocols. This position will work closely with project managers, product owners, other developers, and test engineers. This position also involves working with external stakeholders and technical representatives as we build integrations to third party systems.

Minimum Qualifications:
- Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related field
- Proficiency with software development
- Familiarity with agile principles like continuous build, test, integration, and deployment
Preferred Qualifications:
- 2+ years experience as a member of a software development team
- Skilled knowledge and experience developing and maintaining data communication systems and architecture
- Ability to develop and troubleshoot data flow processes, translation maps
- Knowledge of Web Services, RESTful API development
- Experience with golang or another programming language
- Experience with cloud development with AWS, Azure, or other cloud providers is a plus
- Knowledge of relational databases, PostgreSQL or other relational
- Experience with Docker and development of containerized applications
- Familiarity with FHIR and healthcare interoperability standards is a plus
Essential Job Functions:
- Working on a Scrum team, build out our integration layer to third party vendors and customer systems
- Work closely with project managers on customer-specific initiatives that involve the design and development of integration APIs
- Work independently as well as with other team members to coordinate and solve highly complex technical data communication and transformation issues
- Troubleshoot technical issues related to data transformation and flow
- Analyze customer data specifications and provide gap analysis
- Create documentation for future reference, training and support purposes
- Provide customers or internal teams with support on technical integration issues. Assist others in development
- Communicate with customers to clarify data format requirements
- Write transition plans to move development work into various environments
- Mentor others regarding setup and development of integration technologies, including internal toolsets and partner configurations
- Facilitate training on integration techniques and methods, including creation of documentation for such training


Company: WellHive

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Location: US Remote, 100% Remote

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Skills wanted, in addition to Golang:
aws azure docker golang postgresql


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