Golang / Go Job: Senior Golang Engineer

Cake Software Inc.

Senior Golang Engineer at Cake Software Inc.

Remote › 🇺🇸🇨🇦 100% remote position (in US or Canada)
  (Posted Jul 8 2021)

About the company
CAKE is a marketing technology company providing the leading SaaS enterprise platform for real-time marketing intelligence. Our mission is to address the challenges and opportunities in tracking and analyzing the massive amounts of clicks generated from mobile, affiliate, display, retail, lead generation campaigns, and more. Our executive team possesses decades of online marketing experience and a deep understanding of digital analytics across a breadth of industries, leading us to nearly 200% year-over-year growth the last two years.

120000 - 165000

Job description
Every employee of CAKE should continually strive to deliver exceptional service to our clients, subconsultants, co-workers and everyone with whom we come into contact. CAKE represents teamwork, communication, accountability, and respect - this is our public image.

The goal of CAKE is to solidify and grow our client base through the cooperative efforts of employees at all levels. To help us achieve this goal, we promote continuing professional development to serve the needs of our employees and the growth we are building together. By working together, increasing efficiencies and focusing on quality and profitability, we will prosper in any economic environment.

As a Sr. Go Engineer at CAKE, you are responsible for the design, development, and management of the core business processes and data tier of the CAKE platform’s technology stack. This role is an integral part of CAKE’s development team and will work closely with key stakeholders, software architects, and leadership in the Technology and Product groups to ensure optimal development standards, performance, and reliability.

You will use your experience with distributed and/or micro-service architectures to implement high-performance, scalable, and stable code in a distributed architecture, alongside a team of other engineers. Your code will be deployed into multi-region cloud infrastructure (currently AWS); will be ephemeral in nature; and will be designed with testability, monitoring, and scalability in mind.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:


­­­Write code that is readable and updatable
Understand goroutines, channels, and how they interact
Knowledge of at least one of the following: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, DynamoDB, redis
Willingness to interact with the databases mentioned above you don’t know
Participate in the development and engineering of highly distributed systems built on cutting-edge technologies.
Willingly adopt new technologies as the needs of the organization mature and develop
Assist in both relational and NoSQL database design and development within an “always available” system
Participate in the design and implementation of the business-layer/data pipeline of the platform, using various technologies, such as: go, Python, C#, Scala, and/or Java
Stay current with emerging web technologies and programming best practices and procedures, and help instill that into the culture of CAKE’s engineering team


Work closely with technical leads and architects to design new systems and maintain existing ones
Participate as a full team member in all planning and estimation practices
Be an advocate for, and participate in, Agile Development alongside other engineers
Clearly and promptly communicate any defects, issues, or concerns with software in all stages of development
Mentor other engineers of all skill levels in technical areas of expertise
Willingly share personal experiences to continually iterate and improve upon corporate development practices
Hold other team members accountable for quality. (e.g. if software is deemed “code complete” but does not meet the requirements, emphasize the need for more or better developer testing)

Needed Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Knowledge of idiomatic go
Experience with basic relational database design
Experience with developing software utilizing Cloud-Computing providers (AWS desired)
Experienced in related web technology skills (DNS, HTTP, SSL)
Be a puzzle master. Be able to solve the problems thrown at you daily and enjoy it.
Ability to work both independently and as a productive and helpful team member
Skill to manage multiple priorities with limited supervision
Accurate documentation skills
Ability to work in a timely manner to meet important deadlines

Educational/Experience Requirements:

A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Technology, or related field; equivalent experience will be considered. At least 5+ years of software development experience


Company: Cake Software Inc.

Cake Software Inc.
job info / career page
Linkedin profile
Location: 🇺🇸🇨🇦 US/Canada Remote, 100% Remote

Map of USA and Canada

Skills wanted, in addition to Golang:
golang aws go java mysql
nosql postgresql python redis scala


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