Golang / Go Job: Senior Golang Software Engineer

ML.Solutions GmbH

Senior Golang Software Engineer at ML.Solutions GmbH

🇦🇹 Austria › Vienna
  (Posted Jul 3 2021)

70,000 - 85,000 EUR

Job description
MLS is a privately owned company developing next generation software solutions for European Intelligence Agencies.

We are looking for a Senior Golang Software Engineer, with prior hands-on experience in creating backend software. Job involves creating client/server software, using often proprietary, binary communication protocols. Good understanding of advanced networking concepts is required and prior experience with creating proxy software.

• Several years of experience programming in Go language.
• Hands-on experience developing client/server software using custom communication protocols.
• Good understanding of how TOR network works, how the deanonymization attacks against it work and ability to recreate similar software from scratch on your own.
• Good understand on how proxy software works and how adversaries may be able to detect its traffic to introduce censorship. Experience working with Great Chinese Firewall
is welcome.
• Good understanding of networking concepts, protocols and how network communication works even on low-level - TCP, UDP, HTTP, TLS, SOCKS5, VPN etc.
• Knowledge of effective methods to bypass internet censorship.
• Own networking tools published on Github or forks of existing ones with personal modifications.
• Analytical thinking with ability to foresee unexpected issues before they happen, handling packet loss, throttling, countering possible DDoS attacks.

What we offer:
• The ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment, learn rapidly, and master diverse web technologies and techniques
• Responsible and challenging activity
• International and dynamic work environment
• Broad, varied task area in which everyone is compelled to make things look beautiful and work flawlessly
• Extensive range of further education and training


Company: ML.Solutions GmbH

ML.Solutions GmbH
Location: Vienna, Austria

map of company location

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