Golang / Go Job: Senior Backend Engineer


Senior Backend Engineer at Strings

Remote โ€บ Worldwide, 100% remote position
  (Posted Apr 23 2021)

$100,000 - $135,000

Job description
We are looking for our first full-time backend engineer to join us on our mission. You would join the team as a founding engineer and have full ownership in building new products and features working closely with our founders.

Our ideal candidate has 5+ years of experience building event-driven micro-services or service oriented architectures and has built most facets, if not all, in a "twelve-factor" app. Preference is for real experience (2+ years) in our primary language of Golang, but other languages are considered when able to quickly pick up new technologies. Additional experience in schema design, relational databases, search engines, cloud services (AWS, GCP, etc), message systems, and API design are considered.

You will directly influence how and what to build, and must be comfortable collaborating on the architecture, code, product, etc as we have a strong culture of devops as well as being technically curious, thoughtful and purposeful in what we build. We value deploying frequently with well-written, maintainable, instrumented and tested code to a kubernetes cluster.

* Develop new products and features in a small team
* Provide technical input and knowledge to the planning, design, and requirements process for new products and features
* Review other software engineers' code for correctness, style, and completeness
* Improve the performance, maintainability, and operations of the code base by engaging in occasional refactoring and upgrade projects
* Support your team's production software by responding to an occasional alert or bug report
* Write integration tests and work with our product team to ensure the operation and correctness of new features

Required Qualifications:
* 5+ years of backend engineering in a distributed system,
* 2+ years in Golang or 5+ using several languages you were able to quickly pick up,
* Relational Database experience (schema design, query optimization and basic infrastructure management)
* Direct experience with other persistence stores (such as Redis, columnar databases, elasticsearch, etc)
* REST API design
* Strong communication, comfortable being remote

Who Are We?
Our mission is to elevate the craft of content designers and UX writers so they can do what they do best: help organizations build better products through content. Our mission is to give writers direct ownership and control of their work, reduce dependencies, and minimize developers' time managing copy.

We love what we do: designing and building great products. But our work isn't the only thing that defines us. We're not trying to create some semi-cult to get people to work here. We simply enjoy building useful and beautiful software for our customers.

We are a group of repeat founders. Before Strings, we founded and worked at startups that raised a bunch of money from top VCs. While that has its advantages (hire lots of amazing people, spend money on ads and cool perksโ€ฆ) it also puts a company on very narrow success path. It's very binary, since venture investors have a binary return profile (they succeed if their investments sell for billions). So we decided to do it a little differently this time. Where growth isn't the only goal of a company. Where it's balanced with the goal of being default-alive and capital-efficient which leaves doors open and avoids the trap of forced binary outcomes.

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