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DevOps Engineer at ARTIDIS AG

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ Switzerland β€Ί Basel   (Posted Feb 7 2021)

About the company
ARTIDIS is changing the way cancer is diagnosed and treated.
ARTIDIS rapidly diagnoses cancer, detects its aggressiveness and predicts the probability of a patient developing metastases based on the nanomechanical biomarker for cancer. The ARTIDISNet platform combines the nanomechanical biomarker with the patient’s clinical data to guide the best therapy choice for each individual patient.

Do they allow remote work?
Remote work is possible, see the description below for more information.

Job description
ARTIDIS is changing the way cancer is diagnosed and treated. As a member of our DevOps team you will work on development and support of infrastructure, in particular, infrastructure-services (message broker, workflow engine, etc.) in the stack to enable fast, efficient and secure software development.
Additionally, you will work on supporting deployment, debugging and adding new microservices of mainly Go based applications. You will have the opportunity to define and create the platform for our products.

Required experience and qualifications:
- High capability of expression and comprehension of English
- Experience with the following:
- Kubernetes
- Go
- Containerization
- Azure
- PostgreSQL
- Linux
- Write documented, clear and efficient code
- Security mindset and knowledge of best practices
- Understanding of how and why version control systems should be used
- Ability to design and implement requirements with long-term objectives in mind
- Appreciation for code and documentation quality
- Understanding of how unnecessary complexity in engineering appears and how to prevent it
- Proactive way of thinking, communicating and working
- Ability to work without supervision

Nice to haves:
- Understanding of regulations in the medical device and software fields
- Work permit for the Schengen area
- Willingness to relocate to Switzerland

What we offer:
- Office location in Basel, Switzerland
- Remote work is possible full or part-time depending on your situation and the pandemic
- Team members are encouraged and supported in their pursuit of new skills, knowledge and credentials.
- Flexible work hours

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