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Golang Craftsperson at Lightmeter

🇩🇪 Germany › Berlin   (Posted Dec 10 2020)

About the company
Lightmeter is a European Startup founded by serial Open Source entrepreneur Sam Tuke, and industry experts with decades of technical and commercial experience.

Do they allow remote work?
Remote work is possible, see the description below for more information.

50000 EUR

Job description
Freedom to express your software craftsmanship within a small supportive team is what you'll find at Lightmeter, while you work on an Open Source (AGPL3) product that's keeping global communications free. See our code at https://gitlab.com/lightmeter.

_Please note: this position is full time and in Berlin (you need to already be in Berlin too). We don't use agencies, ever._

**Why it's important**

Most messaging networks are created to serve their creators. Email is designed to serve humankind. For over 50 years inspired technicians have architected email to provide the greatest good to the greatest number. Their openness and design principles made email the world's #1 communication channel and identity provider with 4.2 billion users (2x Facebook). Email is a critical foundation stone of the Web.

Lightmeter is reinventing email infrastructure to overcome threats from centralised tech oligharchs like Microsoft and Google. An epic platform war is behind fought behind the scenes to wrestle control over digital comms and incorporate it into closed service platforms, where the customer is a product to be sold to the highest bidder.

We are 3 years of research and 1 year of development in to building Lightmeter Control Center - the all-in-one mailops management system repeatedly featured in Heise and ZDnet. It's fully Open Source (on GitLab) -- feel free to check the unit and user acceptance test code coverage : ) . Our engineering team has a background in embedded and fintech, with a focus on performance and feedback.

A mix of public and private funding fuels our work, and we've been recognised by the European Commission as part of 'Next Generation Internet'. We have hundreds of active users, a few of whom we interview each week, including banks, public universities, Internet Service Providers, and marketing agencies.

_Our mission is to strengthen the foundations of digital society by making mailtech easy and convenient._

That’s a brief intro to what you’ll be working on. But first, you need to know if you’ll even like working with us. Let’s talk about life at Lightmeter and then we’ll go into detail about what we’re looking for.

**Who you’ll be working with**

One luxuary of being an early-stage team is that you get to work directly with everyone. That said, you'll be reporting to Sam, our CEO. He gets easily excited about engineering patterns and workflows, and likes bright colours and house music with vocals.

You'd work along-side Lead Developer Leandro, who calls himself a Software Craftsman, and who others call a philosopher. Leandro has deeply held unfashionable beliefs like "all code should be fast and light", and cares more about design patterns than what language he's coding in. He love the outdoors and pines for the mountains.

Suela is our Product Manager and x-ray seer of quality and value. She has a nack of turning our telescopes around, pointing out better perspectives, opportunities, and efficiencies. She's an Open Source fangirl, community organiser of the OpenLabs Hackerspace, and secretly learning Python so she can make bots to replace herself. Just kidding!

**How You’ll Work at Lightmeter**

We work hard to make working here a great experience, and have a team of truly exceptional people — the kind you’ll be excited to work with. You'll get to design and create new components and services, working on features like those on our roadmap (https://lightmeter.io/roadmap).

**Compensation and Legal**
We can't currently offer you a salary to compete with Amazon or Microsoft. What we can offer you is the same salary that we are paying ourselves: €50,000 / year.

We’re an early-stage startup, funded, pre-revenue, and growing. We are owned and managed by our Founders. Making sustainable, profitable products with a committment to openness is hard; we're demonstrating how it's done. If you care deeply about digital freedom, empowerment, and collaboration, you'll probably fit right in!

**Requirements (these are real, actual requirements)**

* You must live in Berlin most of the time, so we can meet up and work together sometimes
* You must have at least five years working in the software industry, of which at least four are as a software engineer.
* You must have experience working in cross-functional teams. And we really mean that cross-functional part — in other words working directly with designers, quality assurance, product managers, or other related roles.

**Our tech stack (repos: https://gitlab.com/lightmeter)**

* Golang
* SQLite
* VueJS
* A little Python
* Some big data

**Recommended skills**

* Golang
* Git with large and distributed teams
* Linux (server and desktop) and tools such as make, SSH and shell scripting
* Docker and related technologies

**Ideal skills**

* Development of high performance, distributed systems
* Continuous integration / delivery
* Some Javascript
* Some Python
* Email related technologies, such as SMTP and Postfix
* Standard crypto libraries and principles
* VueJs
* Interest in learning (and teaching!); Rust is welcome

**Salary: 50,000.00€ per year**

**Ability to Commute**

* Berlin (Required)


* Software engineering: 5 years (Preferred)


* English (Required)
* Golang (Required)

**Work Remotely**

* No

**COVID-19 Precautions**

* Remote interview process
* Virtual meetings

Apply now!  

Company: Lightmeter


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