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Full-time GOlang Geek Remote and Connected with Alaska at Geeks in the Woods

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About the company
Geeks in the Woods are software engineers and angel investors in Alaska. Alaska is vast and remote. Despite its size, it’s a place of great connectedness. This strong sense of community drew in twin brothers, Lee and Lucas Brown, to explore working remotely in the Last Frontier. Technology has advanced to the point that working remotely is not only viable, it’s becoming preferable. Geeks in the Woods are angel investors and software engineers based in Alaska working remote yet connected. We are on a mission to shape the Last Frontier into the Tech Frontier.


Geeks Venture Studio, a program by Geeks in the Woods, partners alongside Alaskan entrepreneurs to build sustainable web-based businesses. Unlike accelerators that run competitive programs and founder-bootcamps, venture studios partner with entrepreneurs - providing the talent and financial resources to build out ideas together. Geeks Venture Studio deploys a combination of technology expertise, vetted startup experience, and our unique GOlang tool kit designed to quickly develop ideas into growing tech enterprises.


Do they allow remote work?
Remote work is possible, see the description below for more information.

Job description
Are you a passionate GOlang engineer who enjoys the challenges and rewards of a small, experienced development team? Yes. Geeks in the Woods is looking for a software engineer like you to lead the design, development and iteration of software-as-a-service (SaaS). As part of our venture studio, you will be part of a small and agile team developing GOlang applications for one or more SaaS startups - building an idea into a scaling service that achieves product/market fit. With this opportunity, you definitely enjoy agile and lean development processes.

This position is designed to work directly with our co-founders and angel investors to assist with building software-as-a-service for startups they partner and invest in. You will lead the development of the core software for new SaaS startups. You will design and develop GOlang applications leveraging both cloud and serverless architectures with AWS. Your GOlang applications will utilize our open-source GOlang start tool kit for bootstrapping new software-as-a-service applications. Your learning will be incorporated into our open-source project to accelerate the growth of GOlang as an enterprise language and increase the adoption of GOlang of future tech startups.

The ideal candidate is resourceful and hands-on, and driven to work in a lean, intense, results-oriented environment with a high level of integrity and humility. A sense of humor is also a plus. You will work with some of the brightest minds in the GOlang community, and you will get an opportunity to solve some of the most challenging business problems in software at a scale that few companies can match.

Skills & requirements
Primary Responsibilities:

- Lead strategic software engineering initiatives developing and deploying software-as-a-service to drive growth of SaaS startups

- Leverage our open-source GOlang starter kit to design and build new GOlang applications including backend data services, RESTful APIs and responsive web apps

- Monitor GOlang applications, review metrics and perform service profiling in both development and production environments for optimal scaling and performance

- Incorporate learnings to improve our open-sourced GOlang starter tool kit for SaaS

- Document your code with complete sentences and produce well written documentation of new GOlang applications

- Maintain proactive after-hours availability and weekly on-call rotation

- Research new technologies, develop prototypes, provide training classes/materials, and lead technology integration into service architecture

- Help define how code generation can be leveraged to build and maintain large software systems while still supporting the humanity required for innovative engineering

You are...

- Passionate about back-end development and working with high-volume services

- Prefer writing code that is procedural with GOlang rather than object-oriented programming

- An individual contributor at heart, that prefers to lead by example rather than managing others to create the change

- Team-oriented problem solver: No one knows everything, so let’s work together

- Resourceful: Think of a time when you were faced with a technical problem and sought out another programmer on the other side of the world who faced a similar problem, solved it, wrote about it, and shared it online

- Contribute to open source community and/or provide mentorship to community members

- Comfortable working outside her/his own domain / experience

- Comfortable operating at a high speed with occasionally ambiguous requirements

- Enjoy agile and lean development processes

Minimum Qualifications

- Industry proven software engineering experience with GOlang (2+ years experience)

- Experience with building and deploying with AWS cloud infrastructure

- Cloud virtualization experience (AWS Container Service, Docker, etc.) and experience with serverless architecture helpful

- Experience designing, architecting and deploying web services

- Comfortable with backend programming in a Linux environment, including scripting and system diagnostics

- Proficiency in written and spoken English

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