Golang / Go Job: Backend Software Engineer - Remote Part Time

Galaxite Ltd.

Backend Software Engineer - Remote Part Time at Galaxite Ltd.

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ United Kingdom β€Ί London - Remote   (Posted Apr 10 2019)

About the company
Galaxite is a small remote team of developers and designers working towards building a distributed online gaming platform. We've partnered with a well-known international games publishing company to develop community server software to support one of their hit titles.

Galaxite was established in 2017, and we're looking to launch our flagship software this year.

Do they allow remote work?
Remote work is possible, see the description below for more information.

Job description
If you enjoy working with Microservices and cloud based infrastructure, then we’re looking for someone like you. You would be working together with our fully remote team of game developers and designers to support systems which could be hosting thousands of players.

You would be responsible for architecting and developing Microservices, whose purpose will be to support game features for our online service. You would also involved in designing schemas for the repository level.

We offer an hourly rate, without a cap on the number of hours you work in a month. We need you to be able to commit at least 30 hours a month.

What our stack looks like:

β—‹ GoLang, Microservice based architecture

β—‹ MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, MySQL

β—‹ Docker, Kubernetes, Kustomize

Skills & requirements

β—‹ 1+ Years Experience in GoLang.

β—‹ Experienced in Git.

β—‹ Ability to write unit and integration tests.

β—‹ Ability to write clean and maintainable code.

β—‹ Be living between the timezones UTC+2 and UTC-7.

β—‹ Ability to commit at least 30 hours a month.

β—‹ Experience with MySQL and MongoDB.

β—‹ Experience with caching solutions (such as Redis).

β—‹ Experience with queuing systems (such as RabbitMQ).


β—‹ Experience using Continuous Integration (such as Jenkins, Travis or TeamCity).

β—‹ Familiarity with UNIX based systems.

β—‹ Familiarity with the Gitflow workflow.

β—‹ Ability to travel to the United Kingdom at least twice a year.

β—‹ Open portfolio of previous experience (Eg. Github profile).

If you would prefer this information as a PDF, we've made one available here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QqY9_ic1YPeznKNpOZYicSdKNj_g6obh/view

Please be advised that we're not looking to accept offers from recruiting agencies.

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