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Go language Engineer at IOV

Partially remote, Spain 🇪🇸   (Posted Apr 5 2019)

Job description
What we are looking for

We are a blockchain company with a product we are getting ready for launch and as part of our team we need a Chaos Engineer who has that talent for breaking systems and finding chinks in platforms.

We build applications with a strong set of component level tests but need the sleuthing skills to find the unexpected, illogical or vulnerable pieces. This is where you come in, writing code to stop things unpredictably, interfering with packages sent around, bypassing routines where you can, and seeing what happens when you send nulls around.

Our team is dotted around Europe and you get to choose where you want to work! We need you in Europe so that we are all in roughly the same timezone and you must have a good level of spoken and written English (our common language).

We follow an open-source code approach so this is your opportunity to be part of it.

As our Go Chaos Engineer, you will work closely with the Director of Engineering, Product Owner and the tech guys.

Skills & requirements
What you bring

You will have a minimum of three years as a Go engineer with a background of breaking systems as a Chaos Engineer or a DevOps guy with a mission to break things using your coding skills. You are no stranger to fuzzing and race conditions. In short, you love sleuthing around code and breaking it.

You are fluent in Go language, shell scripts and have worked with Docker..

If breaking things and causing chaos is your thing we would love to talk to you.

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