Golang / Go Job: Head of Product Engineering - Golang, Kubernetes, Microservices - Β£120 - Β£150k + Stock Options

Head of Product Engineering - Golang, Kubernetes, Microservices - Β£120 - Β£150k + Stock Options

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ United Kingdom β€Ί London
  (Posted Apr 4 2019)

About the company
My client is creating a global Microservices platform. With a recent investment into the hundreds of millions, they are led by a leadership team with a proven track record of taking technology-based solutions directly from conception through to corporations, which are either floated or acquired in deals that typically make β€œheadline news”.

They are adopting the latest and greatest technologies to bring their Microserviced architecture platform & product on leaps and bounds into the next phase of its development. To achieve this, they have engaged me to locate the services of their Head of Product Engineering.

Job description
Be the senior leader who can represent the firm commercially and manage external partners providing facilities and services to our new office

Recruit and retain the best engineering talent available locally

Lead multiple engineering squads or pods to support the product ambitions of the firm

Identify, own and manage the risks related to product and solution portfolio allocated to the regional office. (projects mostly have worldwide scope)

Be accountable for the delivery of multiple, large and concurrent product/platform development projects

Coordinate the evolution of their agile delivery methodology to realise maximum enterprise value from the investment in engineering, coordinating with other Heads of Engineering from other locations.

Develop their talent pool of on and offshore developers and third-party partners into a world-class, global platform engineering group

Align their engineering squad to the key business/product outcomes creating a flexible resource pool to respond to the needs of our rapidly growing business

Collaborate and influence peers and management across product management, engineering and channel management teams

Be a spokesperson and figurehead for the engineering and platform teams, collaborating across the business, delivering the best-in-class solutions for our partners

Be a thought leader able to make bold changes, generate new ideas and able to make good ROI decisions in support of the client's business strategy.

Represent the engineering team in cross-organisational forums regarding technical, product and incident topics.

Skills & requirements
A senior leader who can represent the firm as the most senior member of the business and manage external partners providing facilities and services

8 years of experience in software development with at least 4 years in a leadership position managing a team of 30 or more as a second line manager

Exceptional leadership skills with the ability to lead cross organisational initiatives in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment. Must be able to lead through uncertainty.

Strong knowledge of architectural and design patterns, open source platforms and frameworks.

Hands on experience with enterprise-class software running significant transactional volumes

Experience of managing technical teams using modern development languages and approaches: Golang, Java, JavaScript, Microservices

Experience of working with developing near and offshore development teams

Good general budgeting, resource allocation, planning and governance

Key Stakeholders

Reporting to the CTO/CPO you will drive the delivery of high-quality technical solutions

You will partner with your peers, the Head of Product, Head of Data, Head of

Engineering and Head of Infrastructure to coordinate the delivery of client projects.

You will work with the country manager, supply and demand development leads, as well as the operations teams to ensure the delivery of successful client solutions.

Your team will closely collaborate with Product Managers to that the product-solution gaps are minimised and the product roadmaps support our client's needs.


Location: London, United Kingdom

map of company location

Skills wanted, in addition to Golang:
golang kubernetes microservices java javascript


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