Golang / Go Job: Lead Full Stack Developer (Part Time; Contract-to-Hire)


Lead Full Stack Developer (Part Time; Contract-to-Hire) at phrHero

Irvine, California, United States 🇺🇸   (Posted Feb 8 2018)
About the company
We're building phrhero to create a digital personal healthcare and cost management experience we want for ourselves and our loved one.

We believe the first step of taking control and becoming the hero of your healthcare is to truly own and understand your health data all in one place.

It’s your health after all. If you can't understand it, you can't control it. If you can't control it, you can't improve it!

We strive to make a positive impact by empowering our users to become the hero of their healthcare journey that will result in a healthier, happier, wealthier life!

Job position
Permanent - Remote work possible

Job description
We're building phrHero to give people, ourselves, and our loved ones a reinvented Personal Healthcare Record. One that is holistic and organizes all types of health records in one place.

Are you passionate about developing big data solutions with potential to directly affect millions of people?

If so, we're striving to make a positive impact to the +200 million American healthcare consumers (patients) by empowering them to become the hero of their healthcare journey; resulting in a healthy, happy, and wealthy life..

We're getting closer; excited for what's ahead, but we need your help to take our existing stack to the next level. If you are a full-stack developer who is driven, (and preferably well-versed in GoLang), we can get there FASTER with you!

Our ideal candidate is US based, currently has a stable full-time job or income source with flexibility. He or she is a long-term thinker (doesn't want to settle for a 9-5 for life), enjoys challenging work, learning, problem solving, and relishes the double-duty start-up grind!

If you're a forward thinking developer looking for an exciting, scalable project that can lead to a full-time position as a key team member at an early stage start up.

We want to hear your story, why you would be a good fit for phrHero.

We're in this journey for the long-haul.

Passion is a must. Grow with us.

phrHero Team

***this has opportunity for you to become our 3rd Co-Founder+VP Engineering/CTO***

Alternate location: Kansas City, MO

Skills & requirements
Skills & requirements

- Professional working experience with React.js

- GoLang Proficiency

- Familiarity with npm and Webpack

- Understanding of flux architecture

- Understanding of pros/cons/caveats of SPAs

- Basic understanding of OAuth2 and REST API flows

- Server-side Java development knowledge and experience is a plus.

Web related technologies knowledge and experience (Web application, Web Services, Service Oriented Architectures, Restful APIs)

Modern programming languages knowledge and experience (e.g. React Native, C#, Java, jQuery, Ajax, cross-browser compatibility, HTML 5, and CSS 3)

Google Hosting and Firebase proficiency is a plus

Interest in back-end infrastructure OO design skills, and understanding of design patterns SQL (MySQL preferred). Understanding of O/R mapping concepts and tools (Hibernate, JDO, JSON)

A strong ability to learn and adapt to new technologies, specifically SMART on FHIR HL7 API.

Linux or other Unix experience

Nice-to-have skills:

- Familiarity with Sass/SCSS

- Development experience designing unobtrusive and object-oriented JavaScript. Experience testing front end, including JavaScript.

- Healthcare Industry Knowledge (provider/payer/pbm)

Instructions how to apply
Submit your application to the phrHero team: dev@phrhero.com
Company website: phrHero

Let them know you found the job via https://www.golangprojects.com
(Companies love to know recruiting strategies that work)

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