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Golang engineer at Ruok Cambodia Technology Co., Ltd

Sihanouk, Cambodia   (Posted Oct 30 2017)
About the company
We recruit programmers not only limited to golang, including php \ ios \ Android and so on. As well as front-end engineers, need to master the Backbone, AngularJS, Vue, React and other js framework email:admin@ruok.co wechat:ruokco

Job position

Job description
Responsible for the site PC station, mobile website, APP server development;
Participate in needs review, system design and so on.

Skills & requirements
Have a good team spirit, have a strong development capability and flexibility;
Development experience, familiar with golang language, solid foundation, more than 2 years golang development work experience, complete project experience; familiar c / c ++ / java, at least one year you use experience;
Proficient in Golang, proficient in channel and lock, have a correct and deep understanding of high concurrent, highly available architecture, requiring distributed server development experience;
Have a Web development experience, a clear understanding of the RESTful concept, and at least one API Server development project used;
Familiar with xml / json / protobuf and so on at least any kind of network communication technology and data exchange format
Good algorithm basis and clear programming ideas; familiar with tcp, ip, http and other network protocols;
Work proactive, attentive and practical, have a strong professionalism and work ethic;
Have the passion for technology, like to study, can quickly accept and master new technologies, learning ability and work strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills and teamwork ability;
Have managerial competence and experience or are familiar with Docker preferred;

Instructions how to apply
Working place in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.
Salary Monthly Salary: 3700USD-4000USD
If you like this job please contact me.
We are a Chinese boss company.
Company website: Ruok Cambodia Technology Co., Ltd

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Company: Ruok Cambodia Technology Co., Ltd

Ruok Cambodia Technology Co., Ltd
Location: Sihanouk, Cambodia

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