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Backend Developer at gridX GmbH

Aachen, Germany, Germany   (Posted Aug 30 2017)
About the company
At gridX, we fundamentally change how the energy market works. Today, the capacity of renewable energies like photovoltaic or wind turbines would be sufficient to supply Germany as a whole. However, most of our energy is generated by large conventional power plants.  Why? Supply and demand occur at different places, and large utility companies rule the market. Moreover, renewable generation is weather dependent. The sun is not always shining everywhere, and the wind is not always strong enough. Thus, the new world requires a platform to exchange renewable energy in real time and balance supply and demand, which means a decentralization of the energy market.  This intelligent platform will be gridX, which will revolutionize and digitalize the energy market and make today’s energy dinosaurs obsolete.  At gridX, we developed the gridBox as the point of entry to our AI based platform. It enables decentralized power generation and storage units to communicate with our energy hub and be part of a huge virtual power plant. Through our energy hub, owners of photovoltaic systems can exchange energy with others or even sell their overcapacity to people who do not possess their own production units. In this new energy era, people supply their friends, family, or even complete strangers with energy – independent of large corporations and completely secure. 

Job position

Job description
gridX is looking for talented backend developer to join our growing team of passionate engineers. Most of our software is written in Go (public API, internal services as well as software running on our embedded device - the gridBox). At gridX you will have the unique opportunity to work on tough problems at different parts of our stack and employ cutting edge technology (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes, Influxdb, ...).

Skills & requirements
Experience with Web Technologies (JSON, REST, HTTP)
Experience with Golang and/or Python
Experience with Relational Databases (e.g. Postgres) and SQL
Comfortable with using git and GitHub.
You know software development best practices
Experience with Linux systems would be a plus
Record of open source contributions would be a plus

Instructions how to apply
Please apply through the form on the job description page and attach your CV as PDF.
[ job website ]

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Company: gridX GmbH

gridX GmbH
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Location: Aachen, Germany, Germany

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