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Senior (Go) Engineer at Backplane

San Francisco, California, United States   (Posted Jul 27 2017)
About the company
Backplane was founded in 2016 with the mission to make businesses more agile by making networks simpler, more efficient, adaptive, and easier to scale.

Job position
Permanent - Remote work is NOT possible

Job description
We are a scrappy group of engineers set out to eliminate the busy work with maintaining network infrastructure. (Trust us, it's more exciting than it sounds) You'd be a good fit if you enjoy a challenge and have a desire to be instrumental in building a system which processes millions of requests per second. Bonus points for those who geek out on security.

Skills & requirements
- Fluent in the Go programming language
- Strong networking experience
- Able to write thorough tests
- Able to benchmark, profile, and optimize code
- Someone that works best in an environment with a sense of urgency and can
rapidly iterate on product/platform features

Instructions how to apply
You should include these in your application:

- Code you’re proud of
- Products or projects you’ve worked on
- Links to your blog or your profile in online communities like GitHub, Medium,
Twitter, Quora, or Stack Overflow
- Languages you are fluent in, both human and technical
- What you find most interesting about Backplane
[ job website ]

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Company: Backplane

Linkedin profile
Location: San Francisco, California, United States

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