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Principal Engineer - Golang C# Lean Startup Entrepreneur
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States (Can work remotely)
I've been writing software in Go, C#, and NodeJs with a focus on maintainability, scalability, and quick delivery professionally for 14 years. I'm good at breaking big problems down into small pieces that can deliver value to the customer quickly and iterative...
Software Engineer - golang, C, Java, databases
Providence, Rhode Island, United States (Can work remotely)
Highly motivated and responsible developer who can learn on the fly and apply new concepts. I have excellent written and verbal communication skills. - I have worked on lots of Linux/Unix systems in C and Java with various databases. I am currently working wi...
Lead Mobile Engineer - Golang, Java, Python, Andorid, Swift
Bangalore, India
● Designed and developed ‘Mink’, a peer to peer money transfer application. User can use ‘Mink’ to make regular monthly or weekly transfers to any friend with just a phone number. The Application is currently beta at - https://play.google.com/apps/...
Software Engineer - Golang Python Reactjs GraphQL Fullstack
Epsom, United Kingdom
Golang backend development - Been using Go from r60. Developed applications in Python, Java etc, but want to develop in Go mainly...
Software Engineer - Golang
Arusha, Tanzania, United Republic of (Can work remotely)
* Design and implementation of API's * All the backend tasks * Good communication * Solving web related problems - I am a motivated software engineer with a special interest in web technologies. I have tackled a range of web related problems. I enjoy ope...
Senior Software Engineer - Golang, TDD, Ruby, Automation, Microservices
Arvada, Colorado, United States (Can work remotely)
Golang, Ruby, Shell Script, TDD Architecture, Full Software Lifecycle, Automation, API Design Cloud Foundry, vSphere, AWS - I am a passionate engineer who has improved efficiency by thinking outside the project. I have team lead experience, having led four o...
Problem Solver - Golang, Java, Scala, Cryptography, Infosec, DevOps
Zurich, Switzerland (Can work remotely)
Extensive experience with writing performant code for handling million of requests per day. Scaled several backend services to billion of requests per month, handled by a handful of servers. Get in touch to know more about it. - I have been working on this f...
junior software engineer - Golang, Java, TDD, MongoDB, AnglarJS
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
I consider my current skills to be : MongoDB, Golang, Java, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, swagger, Test Driven Development, Grunt, Bower, Git, XML, JUnit, Design Patterns, JMock, Linux , Maven, REST, Scrum, JSON, SQL, Web Applications, SiteBricks, SNMP, ANQP - I h...
Backend Software Engineer - go, micro-services, Data, Ops, GCP, kubernetes
Paris, France (Can work remotely)
Golang, Data processing, ETL, SOA, GIS, notification services, api scraping, web scraping - Backend software engineer with experience in handling data, mapping, scraping, micro services, building lare scale geo databases, and ops. I also have a brief experien...
Software Engineer - Golang Node.js Ruby
Singapore, Singapore
ruby, golang, node.js - I'm passionated software engineer with over 3 years experiences from Yangon(Myanmar). I hold BSc (Hons)BIT Degree, IADCS, and IDCS Diploma. I love coding. I'm interested in new technologies (web, mobile), Entrepreneurship and Informatio...