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Senior Fullstack Engineer - Nodejs ,Golang, Java, Rails, React JS & Angular JS
Nigeria, Nigeria (Can work remotely)
Java,Javascript,golang,php,nodejs ,reactjs , angularjs,react-native,ruby & rails ,c/c++ e.t.c - I have over seven years of programming experience and am a very dedicated engineer...
Software Developer - Golang,Java ,C#
Kampala, Uganda (Can work remotely)
1.Worked with eyeeza inc in database and server Design 2.worked with AAU in design of software Systems - Worked With companies in designing software and Database systems for the Last 4 years...
Lead Software Developer - Golang, Linux, persistence, imagination, curiosity
Denver, Colorado, United States
I'm an expert C and shell script programmer on Linux. I'm good at Perl, PHP, Golang and PL/SQL. I can do Linux system admin. I have worked with Oracle, Postgres and MySQL databases. I can solve problems. I am a good debugger. - I've done software archaeology o...
Junior Software Developer - ruby, rails, html, css, javascript
Accra, Ghana (Can work remotely)
I am primarily a ruby programmer familiar with the rails framework. I have had experience in building web applications for an employer. I do have one project where i built a RESTful API. - For the past 10 months I have had the privilege to work as a web develo...
Software engineer - Go Docker Kubernetes OpenShift XaaS
Nuremberg, Germany (Can work remotely)
I program in Go/Python but i have an interest in Rust/C/Haskell/Scala Automation: Ansible. CI/CD: Jenkins, CircleCI. VCS: GitHub,GitLab. Tracking: Bugzilla, Trello and JIRA. - I'm an Open Source developer and cloud specialist with a focus on automation and a ...
Backend and Mobile Developer - with a lot of experience in Golang, Python, Java/Android, Docker, Git, Linux, Postgresql - Golang, Python, Java, Android, Postgresql
Ocumare del Tuy, Venezuela (Can work remotely)
My best skills are: - Python - Java/Android - Golang - Docker - Ubuntu - Debian - CentOs 7 - Redis - Postgresql check more skills at https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_M1rxCg_4XBVmo1YzZNcjg5aEk - Hello, i'm a Backend and Mobile D...
Principal Consultant - Java, NoSQL, JavaScript, Golang, Python
Washington, DC, Virginia, United States (Can work remotely)
I've got a lot of Java experience using both Spring and JEE frameworks. I've been working in XQuery, XML, JavaScript, and Java recently. I would say after Java, my next top language is JavaScript followed probably by XQuery, Python, and Go. I build Web appl...
Senior Software Engineer - Golang, PHP, API, SQL, Fintech
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
My skill to develop finance and accounting modul - My background from any industries, telco, retail and i life and general insurance...
Golang Developer - Golang, python, php, java, mysql, css, html5,
Ahmedabad, India
I am pretty good at coding and developing. I am a pretty quick learner and I can speak write and understand English like it's my native language. I have been working with people from around the world so I know what each person is looking to. Some has time cons...
Software Engineer - Golang,NoSql,RabbitMq,Git,Postgresql,Redis,HTML,Css,JavaScript
India, India (Can work remotely)
Golang,NoSql,RabbitMq,Git,Postgresql,Redis - Hi, Myself Manikanta PS ,i have 2 years experience on Golang, RabbitMQ,postgreas, beego framework and have basic knowledge of Java,Docker, HTML,C. I am currently looking for New opportunities in Golang developmen...
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