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Software Development Engineer - Golang, Python, PHP ,Javascript,Algorithm Design
Bangalore, India (Can work remotely)
* Distributed systems * Backend development * FullStack * Random stuff - I love this part random scripts and microservices - Started as an engineer with mainframes then moved to startup world and became a polyglot.I write scripts in python/ruby ,write ser...
Senior Software Engineer; IT Trainer - Golang, Java, NoSQL / SQL, AngularJS, Distributed Architecture
Bucharest, Romania (Can work remotely)
I am working currently on two different projects: One involving REST Web Services written in Go. Another one involving an enterprise application which I developed using AngularJS and JEE stacks: Spring(MVC, Core, Data, Security), ActiveMQ, Websocket, JPA, Hi...
Full stack developer - Golang, Python, PHP, Angular, React, HTML5, CSS3
Melbourne, Australia (Can work remotely)
Golang, Python, PHP, Angular, React, HTML5, CSS3 - I am a full stack developer who loves web technology. I write in Angular, React, HTML5, CSS3, Python, Golang and PHP. I create websites, build servers, build deployment pipelines, create APIs based on docker m...
Software Engineer - Golang,JAVA,Cloud technology,Virtualisation
Chennai, India
A keen gopher. - An avid software developer.Major developer of the current organisation's Backup/Migration of Virtual/Physical machines software. Outshined the performance the complete year and was specially recognized, with the role of team lead in the year 2...
Software Engineer - Golang,Angularjs,Python,Aws,Postgres
Chennai, India
Coding - I am good at developing backend and especially in golang.I have worked in a Project where i used Golang as Backend ,HTML/Angularjs as Front end ,Postgresql as database . - I am Bhuvaneshwari Chinnadurai and basically from Tamil Nadu,India .I completed...
Software Developer - Go, Data Science, Python
Marburg, Germany (Can work remotely)
I have knowledge of and experience with machine learning and theoretical computer science. I have worked with TensorFlow, Keras, and NumPy. - I develop software for machine learning and computational algebraic geometry....
Senior Technology Executive - Golang, Python, NoSQL, AWS, Highload
Moscow, Russian Federation (Can work remotely)
Qualification Highlights * R&D and full Development Lifecycle * Executive Leadership and Communications * Strategic Planning and Assessment * Project Management * Process Re-engineering Skillset * Problem decomposition * Complexity management * Buil...
Software Engineer - Golang, Webdev
Lipetsk, Russian Federation (Can work remotely)
Webdev, BackEnd, PHP, Go - I'm a professinal web developer with over 7 years experience in backend using php5/php7. I want to estand my skills, so I studied Go over a year ago,...
Consultant - Golang, Android, C and C++
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, United States (Can work remotely)
Golang, Android, c ,C++ - Golang developer...
Senior Ruby Developer - Ruby Rails REST JavaScript Backend
Olsztyn, Poland (Can work remotely)
Main: Ruby, Rails 4.0+, Git, MySql, Redis, Aerospike, REST Secondary: JavaScript, CoffeScript, C, Go Known used only if MUST: HTML, CSS, SASS Forgotten: Perl, Python - Started carrer as software tester, both manual and automate, working with over 15 platfom...
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