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Senior Backend Software Engineer - Golang, Python(flask), Node(express, koa), docker, gRPC, microservice, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo, Redis
Vancouver, Canada (Can work remotely)
Golang(echo, gin, gorilla, gomniauth, go-oauth,gRPC),Nodejs(express, koa, bookshelf, knex, etc), Python(flask, SQLALchemy, etc), MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MonogoDB, Redis, Rabbitmq, microservice, Nsq, socket.io, websocket, Webpack, Node & NPM, Git, VS Code, ...
Front End Developer - Golang, Python3, C++, HTML5, Linux
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (Can work remotely)
C++, Go-lang, Python3, HTML5, CSS3, Linux, Bash I'm good at python3, I've taken skill tests to verify my ability in python programming and the results were high. Over a year in C++ programming. I use the Linux distro and thus I'm familiar with all aspects...
Software Engineer - Golang, JavaScript, Ruby, AWS, WebRTC
Istanbul, Turkey (Can work remotely)
I have experience working at different startups. I have experience managing the infrastructure of a P2P CDN application on AWS as well as development in Scala. I also have experience working on a WebRTC video chat programs back end services using Ruby on Rails...
Senior Software Engineer - Golang, Python
Pune, India (Can work remotely)
- Programming Languages/Frameworks: Golang, Python, Django - Web server/framework: Tornado, Django, Web.py, Bottle, Flask - Databases: MongoDB, Mysql, Redis, Sqlite, Berkeley DB - Client-side technologies: PySide, HTML, JS, jQuery - Templates: Mako, FTL -...
Lead/Senior Golang developer - Golang, Python, Elasticsearch, Search, Web Development
Bangkok, Thailand (Can work remotely)
1. Golang development 2. Software architecture design 3. Team management - Golang development projects 1. Address and POI search engine for Sputnik Maps 2. Drag-n-drop CMS for Lazada on-site managers 3. Microservices development for Lazada platform...
Software Engineer - Golang, NodeJS, Docker, MongoDB, AWS
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam (Can work remotely)
- Programming languages: Go, Javascript/NodeJS, PHP, Java. - Data systems: MySQL, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Redis. - Job queues: Gearmand, Beanstalkd. - Server & Infrastructure: Linux, Docker, AWS. - Others: Vim, Bash, Git, Jira, Confluence. I am also foc...
Software Engineer / DevOps - AWS Java Go Hashicorp Ansible
Budapest, Hungary (Can work remotely)
J2SE5-8 • Spring 4.x (Core, Data, Integration, Batch, MVC) • Spring Boot • Hibernate • SQL • Junit / Spock • Mockito • Tomcat • Oracle RDBMS • Redis • Maven • Python • Groovy • Ansible • Terraform • Packer • Docker • Jenki...
software engineer - golang, python, shell script, linux
chennai, India (Can work remotely)
expert: Python, shell script Learning:Golang intermediate: perl,C - I worked kernel customization, and testing storage product. test framework development. Testcase automation...
Software Engineer - Golang, Ruby, Python, Linux
Saratoga Springs, Utah, United States (Can work remotely)
Proficient with Golang, Ruby, Python, Django, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and PostgreSQL. Ability to learn technologies I don't know and become proficient with them quickly. - Been working professionally in programming for the past 5 years with various technol...
Developer (Go/Java) - GoLang, SQL, Java, PostgreSQL, Git
Belgorod, Russian Federation (Can work remotely)
Working with classes and interfaces. (Java) Development of classes and methods of the required functional. Parsing code others developers Working with oracle darabase and MS SQL (queries, optimization, administration) - System administrator and support 3 + ...