Golang / Go Profile: Problem Solver

Problem Solver - Golang, Java, Scala, Cryptography, Infosec, DevOps

Located in: 🇨🇭 Switzerland › Zurich
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance - Can work remotely

I have been working on this field for more than 13 years and I still I get surprised how much I learn every day and how much still there is to learn.

This fact, together with the challenges the IT world offers, make me love what I do. It is not a job, it's much more. It is a passion and when I master a new technology or when I solve a challenge I get the most satisfaction out of it.

On my free time I like to experiment with new technologies and with different programming languages, and my continuos learning and my friendly attitude always, naturally, brought me to be the developer team leader or to be the referral person to ask to in case of problems.

I started my career programming my Commodore 64, when I was just a kid and I have continued to these days to develop software. During all these years, I became a polyglot programmer thanks to my constant desire to experiment and learn something new. I develop backend, APIs, mobile applications, both Android and iOS, but mainly I have been designing and implementing, for the last 7 years, scalable, distributed and resilient systems and software.

During my whole career I spent, also, some years as a System Engineer. This gave me the opportunity to touch the bare metal and understand better where to squeeze performance, based on the specific hardware. Release and maintenance became also fundamental aspects of my code.

Finally in the last couple of years I got into cryptography and this made me a much more knowledgeable and responsible programmer when security is needed. I break, for fun, badly implemented crypto and I always keep up with the latest updates about IT security in general.

Nothing makes me happier than helping people out, so for any questions drop me an email !


Extensive experience with writing performant code for handling million of requests per day.
Scaled several backend services to billion of requests per month, handled by a handful of servers.
Get in touch to know more about it.

What I look for
Looking for an open minded company which can decide to use the right tool for the job and where I can make an immediate impact for the customers.
Remote work only.

How to contact me
Contact me via email. You can put together my email by using the twitter nickname and gmail.

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