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Senior Software Engineer - Golang
Allapuzha, India
I have a some technical skill in Golang,Javascript,Ajax,HTML,jquery - Iam a software developer with one year experience currently working in Cynere Infotech At infopark cherthala allapuzha,kerala ,india....
software developer - golang,javascript,ajax,mvc,beego,mongodb,firebase
cherthala, India (Can work remotely)
golang - i am a software developer .currently working in an it firm...
Senior Software Engineer - Golang, Python ,Docker, jenkins, heroku/Azure
Gurgaon, India (Can work remotely)
I am very good at golang and also have good experience with golang tools like pprof to solve performance related issues. I also have a good knowledge of MQTT. - I have worked on back end of many IOT projects using MQTT and also worked on integration of voice s...
Software Engineer - Golang, AngularJS, JAVA, Spring, PostgresSQL
Bangkok, Thailand
• Software Engineer process • Familiar programing languages: Golang, Java, JavaScript. • Object Oriented Programming. • Relational database. • MongoDB. • Apex and Visualforce Page. • Experience software framework: Kohana, Laravel, Spring, A...
Backend Developer - Golang, PHP, AWS, Restfull API
Berlin, Germany
I have a really good ability to learn and change quickly, in love with golang, work with Restful APIs, automate tasks, develop CLI - I’m a Computer Engineer since 2011, but I started programming long time before that. I consider myself autodidact because I l...
Senior Software Engineer - Golang, D, Qt, NodeJS, Python, Ruby etc..
Sao Paulo, Brazil (Can work remotely)
Tech Lead, Architect and Developer working in several languages and frameworks, desktop, web and mobile - Creator of LavaScript Programming Language...
Software Engineer - C++, Python, Nodejs, Neo4j, OOP, Rust
London, United Kingdom (Can work remotely)
I have skills in functional programming, OOP, REST APIs. Also, I have experience with statically typed and dynamically typed languages. I got skills for designing db schema and dbs. - I am a computer scientist with more than 7 years commercial experience wor...
Developer - Golang , MySQL , MongoDB , AWS , TeamWork
Delhi, India (Can work remotely)
I have been working on Backend development using Golang since the past few months. - I have learned golang in the past 3-4 months and i am currently working on a backend development project in my company....
Senior Fullstack Engineer - Nodejs ,Golang, Java, Rails, React JS & Angular JS
Nigeria, Nigeria (Can work remotely)
Java,Javascript,golang,php,nodejs ,reactjs , angularjs,react-native,ruby & rails ,c/c++ e.t.c - I have over seven years of programming experience and am a very dedicated engineer...
Software Developer - Golang,Java ,C#
Kampala, Uganda (Can work remotely)
1.Worked with eyeeza inc in database and server Design 2.worked with AAU in design of software Systems - Worked With companies in designing software and Database systems for the Last 4 years...