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Software engineers and developers that loves to code Golang. Profiles with avatar/photo are listed first.

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Software Engineer - Golang, PHP, MySQL, AWS, Java
Amsterdam, Netherlands (Can work remotely)
I am a web developer by nature, mainly back-end but I like to do some front-end every once in a while. I tend to keep everything I built as simple as possible, Keep-It-Simple-Stupid and You Ain't Gonna Need It are my mantra's. - Started web development when I ...
Senior software developer - Golang, Python, Perl, PHP, Linux
Rosario, Argentina (Can work remotely)
I'm good at solving problems and I am a fast learner. - Software developer wih 30 years of experience. Currently in love with Go. Knowledge of Python, Node.js, PHP, Perl, some Java, VB, COBOL, MySQL, MongoDB, Linux....
Software Engineer - Golang, C++, Ruby, MongoDB, Algorithm
HsinChu City, Taiwan, Province of China (Can work remotely)
Build something workable. Passion in learning new things. Build online shop as Full-stack engineer. Current toolset: Golang + Mongodb + Bootstrap. Next learning: Redis. - Electric Engineering background with passion in creating things. Worked in TSMC for autom...
Senior Software Developer / Team Lead - Golang, Ruby, Javascript , PHP, MySQL, REST, Highload
Chiang Mai, Thailand (Can work remotely)
Golang, Ruby, Javascript , PHP, MySQL, REST, Highload - Full stack generalist, specialization in GoLang, Ruby, JavaScript and PHP. Latest: Worked at Lazada (Rocket Internet) – amazon of SEA, highload, optimization, leading the team....
Lead Developer - Golang, Laravel, Python, SQL Optimization, PHP
Lansing, Michigan, United States (Can work remotely)
MySQL, SQL Optimization, Golang, Laravel, Python, PHP, Wordpress, - 5 years - Software Developer at TechSmith. Focusing on data analysis and intranet tools. Founded State Transition LLC in 2014 to focus on custom software for business data analysis and optim...
Principal Scientist / Engineer - golang, machine learning, data science, distributed systems
Palo Alto, California, United States
go programming, machine learning, distributed systems, signal processing, speech recognition - I design and implement software for machine learning, statistical modeling, and digital signal processing. Experienced in algorithms and software for distributed...
Golang Web Consultant/Lead Engineer - Google Cloud Platform, Golang, AngularJS, ReactJS
Valletta, Malta (Can work remotely)
Google Cloud Platform, Cryptography, Bitcoin, AppEngine, MemSQL, OrientDB, NoSQL, Websockets, AngularJS, ReactJS, REST - Full-stack remote engineer, experienced with designing and building large Google Cloud Platform projects in Golang. I have worked extensive...
Software Engineer - Golang, node.js, Nosql, mongoDb, redis
Tver, Russian Federation (Can work remotely)
I am good at GoLang, MongoDB, Redis, CoffeeScript, node.js, responsive html5. - I decided to become a programmer when I was 10 years old. Although in that time I had never seen a computer, but I had yet known that I want to learn clever machines. From 2008 ...
Back End Engineer - Golang, Neo4j, NoSQL, PHP, Unix
Kitchener, Canada
My primary technology stack includes Golang, Neo4j, MySQL. The secondary technology stack includes PHP, Java, Android, Redis, Git, X.509, Amazon AWS, jQuery, Javascript, Selenium(+Grid). - Met and solved High Load issues. Accomplished a set of advanced proj...
Senior Software Engineer - Golang, AWS, Linux, Windows, C, Python
Nürnberg, Germany
Golang - Software development with Golang and Python, Server architecture, Message queuing protocols, RPC, REST API's, Cloud Computing....
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