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Golang Software Engeneer - Golang, Linux, MySQL, noSQL, Ruby
Minsk, Belarus (Can work remotely)
Strong development skills with focus on back-end applications design and implementation Good understanding of Linux programming interfaces Hands-on experience with IaaS and PaaS platforms Motivated team player and hardworking professional - Hi! My name is A...
Senior Software Engineeer - Golang, Python, Javascript, Jquery, ruby
Prague, Czech Republic (Can work remotely)
python, c++, C#, ruby, golang, nosql - Trading platforms, penetration testing...
Software Developer - GO, golang, javascript, C#, php, Swift
Davao, Philippines (Can work remotely)
GO, Javascript, C#, PHP, Swift, VB - I am a software developer with 14 years experience ranging from a developer to a manager....
Senior Software Engineer - Golang, Python, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible
Bangalore, India (Can work remotely)
Rapid prototyping and PoCs, Clean REST API design, Distributed Systems, Continuous Deployments and TDD - I have a diverse background coming from multiple startups in the Cloud Platforms and Big Data space. I have extensive exposure to SaaS, AWS, GCE and the de...
Software Engineer - Golang, Python, NodeJS, AngularJS, AWS, MongoDB, MySQL, Distributed systems
Bangalore, India, India (Can work remotely)
Golang, Python, NodeJS, AngularJS, AWS, MongoDB, MySQL, Distributed systems, Scaling Applications, Algorithms, Javascript, Full Stack Development - I am currently Software Engineer at HackerRank for almost 2 years and I have also worked on products like CodePa...
Software Engineer - golang python javascript linux fullstack
Wellington, New Zealand
Golang Python Linux ElasticSearch Javascript PostgreSQL MongoDB BoltDB ReST Nats.io Docker - My background is in designing, building and maintaining core systems for a large scale world renowned VFX studio. I'm used to fast paced, ever changing .. and frequent...
Software Engineer - Enjoin with my work
Bangkok, Thailand (Can work remotely)
Golang ReactJs NodeJs C#.Net C++ NoSQL SQL - I was worked for Bombardier Transportation Signal for 6 years, Currently I work on the e-commerce platforms....
Designer / Developer - Golang, Python, Drupal, React, Angular
Seattle, Washington, United States
Software architecture Javascript: Angular, React, Node.js, jQuery, Bootstrap, AJAX PHP: Drupal, Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend, Laravel, Wordpress and Joomla Python: Django Google's Go: Golang Databases and search: MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, Solr, Elast...
Machine Learning Engineer - Build (Golang) and Model - Golang Python TensorFlow Linux NGINX MySQL Google Cloud
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States (Can work remotely)
Programming: Python, Go, Swift Modeling: R, Jupyter - I build systems that collect a lot of data. Most of these systems are build using Google's Cloud. Then, the data is analyzed -- feature extraction and modeling. Next, web, iOS, Jupyter, R reports are ma...
Software Developer - Golang, Java, Full Stack
Denver, Colorado, United States (Can work remotely)
Golang, Java, HTML, CSS - Worked in Agile Software development environment, Participated in Full stack Golang, including MongoDB database for web applications. SCRUM Master and developer for BdBunqr (www.BdBunqr.com). Full Stack Development of Financial Web ap...