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Software Engineer - Golang,Docker,Kubernetes,Container,PAAS (platform as a service)
Bangalore, United States (Can work remotely)
● Have experience in analyzing requirements, extracting information from specifications, architecture design, and implementation. ● Have Experience in micro services developed on Go language. ● Have Experience in unit level functional verification o...
Depends on role - CTO, software engineer, web developer, data scientist, etc. - Go, AWS, Docker, deep learning, leadership
Atlanta, Georgia, United States (Can work remotely)
Primary computer language since 2014 has been Go. AWS Certified Solutions Architect. Docker. Full-stack web development. Intense passion for deep learning (machine learning). - I lead organizations through the streaming cascades of technology innovation to...
Software Engineer - REST GO Linux AJAX MySQL
Karachi, Pakistan (Can work remotely)
GO, Revel, Go-kit, GORM, RESTful API, AJAX, AngularJS, Doctrine, Propel, Twig, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHPUnit, S3 (AWS), Guzzle, GIT, SVN, CVS, JWT Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Symfony2, Java, Node.js, C++, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Oracle, IBM AIX, Apa...
Golang Developer - Golang, MySQL
HaNoi, Viet Nam (Can work remotely)
Design API, SQL database, Golang, - - I have 6 year in software developer, 1 year for Golang. - Completed a Web Conference system with opensource BBB. - Completed build Restful API for a medical system....
senior search engineer - golang,java,vuejs2,angularjs2,linux
Zheng Zhou, China (Can work remotely)
Java Expertly,Golang Expertly,Vuejs2 Expertly,Angularjs2 Expertly,Linux Expertly - Hi,I'm from China,I'm Hope ,I'm Thirty-one years old,I have 8 years of java development experience,3 years of attention and use of golang experience,1 year front-end devel...
Mid Software Developer - GoLang, Python, Java, NodeJS, NoSQL,
Rome, Italy
- Good communicator. Quick to learn new skills, languages, technologies. - Love to work in team but perfectly capable alone. - Scrum and TDD for 2 years - Web Services Rest - Android (Native) - Languages: Go, Python (flask, django), PHP (laravel), Java (s...
Senior Software Engineer - Golang, ReactJS, Python, Docker, DevOps
Dublin, Ireland (Can work remotely)
Python, Django, Flask Javascript, ReactJS Gulp, Grunt, Webpack Docker, Puppet, Openstack TDD, BDD, Agile, Scrum MVC, Microservices, REST Git, SVN Go Networking/DevOps Chef/Ansible/Puppet/Openstack Linux administration and internals SQL ( MySQL, Post...
Sr. Software Engineer - Golang Java, micro service, java script,
pune india, India (Can work remotely)
• 10+ years of experience. • Go (professional) 2 years. • Java (professional). I've been using Java for more than 5 years. • C/C++ (moderate). I started my professional career in C/C++ data structure that run under Linux. • Action Script (pro...
Software developer - Golang, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Linux
Manchester, United Kingdom (Can work remotely)
Golang, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, e-commerce, Linux, GIT, SVN, Redis, DEVops, Docker, HTML, CSS, AWS, Apache, TDD, object oriented software design, web services, scalable architectures, project management, scrum, agile software development practices - Software D...
Software Engineer - Golang, Python, Django , MongoDB , Redis
San Francisco, California, United States
Programming Skills: Go, Python, C++.React, Software Architecture, web services, API design Tools: AWS, SQL/NoSQL databases (Postgres, MongoDB, Redis), Django - Backend Engineer with strong mathematical background. I have good knowledge about Go, Python, Dja...