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Software Engineer - Golang
Bangalore, India
Golang and Java - 4 years of experience in creating backend, highly distributed and full stack development. Golang + Java background in developing REST services, Microservices adoption, and Migration of ESBs/legacy systems. Areas of technical expertise include...
full stack developer - Golang, angular, PHP, Aws, SQL, nosql
Dhaka, Bangladesh (Can work remotely)
I am very good at e-commerce, market place and business web application development based on golang high performance API server. Also I m good at angular and material design. - Full stack web developer at aamra companies....
Software Engineer - Golang, Python
Tarapur, Gujarat, India (Can work remotely)
Python, Golang, Redis, MySQL, PostgreSQL - I am Deepen Patel. I have completer Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science. I have started my career as a Technical support Executive and worked for 1.5 year meanwhile I was learning Python programming language a...
Senior Software Developer - Perl, Golang, SQL, Python
Johannesburg, South Africa (Can work remotely)
Problem solving, out-of-the box solutions - Software development (since 1978) System administration - Linux, Informix, Asterisk...
Senior Software Engineer - Golang, C#, React, Redux, React Native, AWS
Pune, India (Can work remotely)
§ Front End Development – Hands on experience with AngularJs, Angular UI Router, Angular Material, React, Redux, Flux, React- Native, Animated, jQuery, Sass and ES6 (Babel – where the magic happens). § MEAN – Hands on experience on SailsJs (Wrapper o...
Senior Software Engineer - Golang, Java, Docker, CI/CD, CQRS/ES
Zwickau, Germany (Can work remotely)
- Java - Golang - Test Driven Development - Docker - Continuous Integration / Delivery - Microservices - DevOps - 2002 - 2005 Dual Study of Computer Science Economy at University of Cooperative Education in Glauchau/Saxony - Graduate in Business Develop...
Golang Developer - Golang, Python, JavaScript, PHP, Java
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Programming Methodologies: OOA, OOD, OOP, MVC. Programming Languages: Golang, PHP 4/5, JavaScript, SQL, ActionScript, Unix shell, Java, Python. Programming Technologies: AJAX. Markup languages: HTML/DHTML/XHTML/HTML5, XML/cXML, CSS/CSS3. Web services: SOAP...
Master's Degree Software Engineer - Golang, Blockchain, Hyperledger Fabric, Smart Contract, Docker
Sierre, Valais, Switzerland
I really like all the process of thinking about the architecture and go ahead in the details and be in the cutting edge of technology - Hi! I'm an Italian Master's Degree Student doing a thesis on Hyperledger Fabric, IBM's permissioned blockchain. Now I'm in S...
Golang Developer - Golang, C/C++, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS, LESS
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Skills: Backend development; Databases modeling; Frontend development side Primary technologies: Golang, C/C++, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS, LESS Databases: MySQL, MSSQL, SQLite Specialities: ReactJS, Redux, NodeJS (Express), WebSockets, Git Development tools: ...
Golang Developer - Java, Golang, OOP, microservices, NoSQL databases
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Java, Golang, OOP, microservices, messaging systems, NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Redis, BoltDB), Unix, SVN, GIT. - - 6 years of industry experience in server-side development; - Development of large Telecom OSS, web and command line applications, gathering and ...