Golang / Go Profile: Front End Developer

Front End Developer - Golang, Python3, C++, HTML5, Linux

Located in: 🇿🇼 Zimbabwe › Bulawayo
Looking for: Freelance - Can work remotely

3 years experience in the programming field, I've taken the appropriate time to learn and grasp each language. Along the journey I've done some freelance projects as well as personal projects to build my programming knowledge up. I believe in fluid effective code that is both understandable and reliable.

C++, Go-lang, Python3, HTML5, CSS3, Linux, Bash

I'm good at python3, I've taken skill tests to verify my ability in python programming and the results were high.
Over a year in C++ programming.
I use the Linux distro and thus I'm familiar with all aspects of the system, meaning I'm able to work on server platforms and remote Secure Shell Hosts

What I look for
I'm looking for a position where I mainly code in Python, Go and HTML
Currently I'm looking for remote jobs from all over the world.

How to contact me
Email: cyberneticinitiative@gmail.com

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