Golang / Go Profile: Senior Backend Software Engineer

Senior Backend Software Engineer - Golang, Python(flask), Node(express, koa), docker, gRPC, microservice, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo, Redis

Located in: 🇨🇦 Canada › Vancouver
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance - Can work remotely

Hello, I'm a senior back-end developer and I have experienced front-end little bit. My goal is to provide excellent backend system and Database manage with the best performance and cutting-edge technologies.

· Experienced in back-end developer for about 12 years for game publishing industry such as billing, authenticate, authorization, item delivery, chat, logging, small mobile game server and analytics.

· Experienced small web project such as admin tool, statistics tool.

· Requirement Analysis and Define system architecture requirements, Planning for Agile SCRUM, Interaction front-end developer, DevOps, and DBA, RESTful API and backend server Design with Team, Implementation RESTful and backend server, Code Review, Unit and Integration Test & Test Automation, Maintenance.

· Designed and developed various and complex RESTFul, back-end system, small distributed system, and Database.

· Migrated Existing Java and C# back-end platforms to Nodejs(express, Koa) and Python(flask)

· Understand modern open-source RESTFul frameworks such as Nodejs(express, koa, etc), Python(flask, etc), and Golang(echo, gin, etc). Including Database and NoSQL such as MS-SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, etc. Including web framework such as Javascript, ReactJs, Mobx, jQuery, Underscore, Bootstrap, Core-UI, semantic-UI etc.

· Design/Implement back-end architecture, Database. Write/Train Code Standards, performance tuning, and troubleshooting for a lot of enterprise scale projects.

· Leaded platform development Team.

· Fast learner, Interested in new technologies.

Golang(echo, gin, gorilla, gomniauth, go-oauth,gRPC),Nodejs(express, koa, bookshelf, knex, etc), Python(flask, SQLALchemy, etc), MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MonogoDB, Redis, Rabbitmq, microservice, Nsq, socket.io, websocket, Webpack, Node & NPM, Git, VS Code, HTML5 ,Javascript, RESTful, JSON, MVC, Nginx, AWS, heroku, docker, logly, xsolla.

What I look for
I am looking for a position where I mainly will code in Go
Vancouver, Tokyo, and Seoul

How to contact me
Send me a message on LinkedIn

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