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Full Stack Developer - Golang,Node Js, Php, React Js, Elasticsearch, Dgraph, Mysql, Couchbase, Postgres, Mongo
Islamabad, Pakistan (Can work remotely)
• Languages: Golang (Primary Language) ,Node Js, PHP, JavaScript,C# • Messaging: Kafka • DevOps : Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, AWS • Version Control : Github, Bitbuck, Gitlab • Project Management : Jira, Teamwork,Slack • Frameworks/Libraries: gR...
Backend Engineer, former Technical Lead - Golang, Python, Elasticsearch, REST, AWS
Dhaka, Bangladesh (Can work remotely)
Algorithms, Data-structure, application design, database (relational and NoSql). I've hired, managed and lead a team of 10 engineers distributed in 3 different time zone. - I have 4+ years of experience in backend engineering. Back in December 2017, I formed ...
Senior Full-Stack Engineer - Golang, APIs, JavaScript, SQL, noSQL
Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany (Can work remotely)
Cloud backend development in Go (APIs, databases, high-load server systems) is my current specialization, yet, as a full-stack software engineer, I’m also into frontend development of SPAs and PWAs in Vue.js and Svelte as well as UI/UX design. Cryptograph...
Software Engineer - Golang
Ryazan, Russian Federation (Can work remotely)
Golang - I work only remotely...
Senior Software Developer - Golang, Java, JavaScript, Angular, Vue.js, GCP, AWS, Microservices, RESTFul
Belgrade, Serbia
Designing and developing full-stack applications deployed to the cloud. - 23 years of IT experience in software development, engineering, project and team management for software solutions developed in Go, Java, JavaScript and other languages, including 3 year...
Backend Developer - golang,php,nodejs,mongodb,postgresql
Surat, India (Can work remotely)
Golang, PHP - I have 4 year experience in PHP devlopment. and now i am interested work on golang....
R&D engineer - Go, C++, Java, P2P, R&D
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (Can work remotely)
Go, C++. Java, R&D, Peer-To-Peer, Overlay networks, Crytpo. - R&D experience in mentioned domains (and some other). Good communication skills. Can take full responsibility on job/task....
Senior Golang Developer - Golang, Javascript, fullstack, angular
Pakistan, Pakistan (Can work remotely)
Golang: Microservices, REST, gRPC, RPC, metrics collector, proxy, revel, go-kit TypeScript: Angular 2+ Database: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis Android: Java, Android Native • Version control: Git Other tool: Jira, Docker, Kubernete, Linux Telegraf, Wava...
Back-end developer - Golang, PHP, microservices, API, gRPC
istanbul, Turkey (Can work remotely)
Microservices, API, RestFul - People in my environment qualify me as determined, reliable, positive, energetic and social. Over the course of the years, I’ve gained a lot of experience in development. When a platform is developed well, there is stability in ...
Senior Backend Developer - Golang, PHP, SQL, Linux, Microservices
Amsterdam, Netherlands (Can work remotely)
Web development, Backend development, Go, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Git, Linux, Docker, gRPC, Microservices, Blockchain, C/C++, MongoDB, - My full description is to be found on https://www.linkedin.com/in/theodor-felix-iacob-16a93565, i would recommend checking ...
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