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Software Engineer - Golang, Python, React, Kafka, Machine Learning
Sao Paulo, Brazil, Brazil (Can work remotely)
Backend development with Python, Go, NodeJS, and Java Front End development with React, Flux, React Native, JQuery, and Backbone.js Messaging: RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, PubNub, and Pusher Databases: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB Machine learning with...
Software Engineer - Golang, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, SQL
Shenzhen, China (Can work remotely)
Refactoring, TDD, SOA, DDD. - Located at Mainland China. Experience of high-volume website, SOA. Skilled with refactoring and TDD. Cross-domain working experience....
Golang Engineer - Golang, Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, Javascript
Ciudad de México, Mexico (Can work remotely)
Golang ++++ Ruby on Rails ++++ Bootstrap ++++ AWS ++ Docker +++ Elasticsearch +++ Javascript +++ - My work experience I'll make a summary I started working when I was 19 years old. I worked at a UNAM University I was programmed in That was in 1992 ...
Senior Software Developer - Golang, C#, SQL, NGINX, Python
Boise, Idaho, United States (Can work remotely)
* Redis configuration * WordPress performance optimization * Caching * NGINX configuration * Debugging memory leaks * Go (Golang) development * C# development * MySQL or MSSQL configuration * SQL performance optimization * SQL Stored Procedures * SQL...
Senior backend Engineer - Golang, SQL, Rest API, Python, Javascript
Los Angeles, California, United States (Can work remotely)
Backend: Go, Python, Node (I've also done PHP and Ruby a very long time ago). Rest APIs, Microservices using GRPC, SQS, S3, Ops: Docker, AWS, GCP, Heroku Frontend: Typescript, Angular, React I strongly believe the quality of a code reflects the quality an...
Not Currently Looking For Employment - Not Currently Looking For Employment
Inverness, Florida, United States
Not Currently Looking For Employment - Not Currently Looking For Employment...
Software Developper - golang javascript
Nantes, France
Golang, JavaScript, programming in general. - I'm a French software engineering student. At the moment, I'm doing an apprenticeship between IMT Atlantique and La Banque Postale. My work is prototyping new types of post office kiosks in order to provide new ser...
Senior Backend Software Engineer - Golang, Python(flask), Node(express, koa), docker, gRPC, microservice, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo, Redis
Vancouver, Canada (Can work remotely)
Golang(echo, gin, gorilla, gomniauth, go-oauth,gRPC),Nodejs(express, koa, bookshelf, knex, etc), Python(flask, SQLALchemy, etc), MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MonogoDB, Redis, Rabbitmq, microservice, Nsq, socket.io, websocket, Webpack, Node & NPM, Git, VS Code, ...
Front End Developer - Golang, Python3, C++, HTML5, Linux
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (Can work remotely)
C++, Go-lang, Python3, HTML5, CSS3, Linux, Bash I'm good at python3, I've taken skill tests to verify my ability in python programming and the results were high. Over a year in C++ programming. I use the Linux distro and thus I'm familiar with all aspects...
Software Engineer - Golang, JavaScript, Ruby, AWS, WebRTC
Istanbul, Turkey (Can work remotely)
I have experience working at different startups. I have experience managing the infrastructure of a P2P CDN application on AWS as well as development in Scala. I also have experience working on a WebRTC video chat programs back end services using Ruby on Rails...
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