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Golang Developer - golang,aws,php,magento,mysql
Hyderabad, India (Can work remotely)
My Golang Expertise - Knowledge of common Goroutine and channel patterns - In-depth experience building web services, microservice architecture - Experience in REST API design and implementation - Ability to write clean and effective Godoc comments. - E...
Backend or System Programmer - golang, mongodb, docker, python
Simferopol', Russian Federation (Can work remotely)
golang, mongodb, docker, python - nothing special...
Full-stack Engineer - Golang, Angular, python, C, learner
Brest, 29200, France, France
Experimented on creation of REST API from scratch in golang. Creation of front-end who could use the api. Well writed code, and follow guidelines, use of git and gitlabs, quick learner, willing to discover new langage - Worked for 3 years at DIATEAM doing res...
10+ years engineer with GoLang and Rust experience (Worked on Java and C#) - GoLang, Microservices , Docker, Kubernates
Bangalore, India (Can work remotely)
GoLang, Rust,C++Java , C#, JavaScript, Microservices, Cloud Application Development,, SQLs , NOSQL, AWS, Digital Ocean - I have 11 years of active development experience as I have started my career as a C and DS tutor and gradually moved to .NET and Java techn...
Software Engineer - Python (Flask, Django), Golang, JavaScript(Vanilla, React.js, SVelte.js), Flutter, Linux, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Lagos, Nigeria (Can work remotely)
Cross Platform Mobile Application Development, Software Development, Web Development, REST API - I am a software engineer with about 1+ years of professional experience. For more information, check my LinkedIn....
Senior Software Engineer - Golang, Docker, C/C++, Distributed Systems, IPFS
Mumbai, India (Can work remotely)
Designing and building modular software Distributed system design CI/CD and DevOps setup (Have been experimenting on a small scale though) Cloud native apps P2P networks IPFS - I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University (INI Dept) in 2014. Upon graduatin...
Software Engineer - Golang, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP
Bielsko-Biała, Poland (Can work remotely)
For past 3 years I was extensively using following stack: - Golang, - Python, - Kubernetes (docker, helm), - Terraform. I have also experience writing C/C++ for 5 years writing for x86 and embedded architectures however I didn't used this muscle recentl...
Senior GO Software engineer - Golang, AWS, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Docker
Kharkov, Ukraine (Can work remotely)
Described in my CV - Self-made person, work-made professional. Have strong experience in building SaaS, PaaS and e-commerce solutions using GOlang, Ruby and assistive technologies. I proactively use best in class approaches (like Agile, Scrum, BDD) to achieve ...
Software Engineer - Golang, API, NoSQL, backend
Singapore, Singapore (Can work remotely)
Backend development - Working in a couple of start-ups before, mostly around on web development, now focus on backend...
Senior Software Engineer - Go, MySQL, API, Mentoring, gRPC
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Web apps, RESTful APIs, gRPC services, Databases, Vue, HTML/CSS - I design and build systems and help the people around me be better versions of themselves....
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