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Senior Software Engineer - Golang, JavaScript, Kubernetes, React, Node.JS
Miami, Florida, United States (Can work remotely)
A highly experienced full stack software engineer and archtiect - Full stack developer and architect...
Senior Software Engineer - Containers, Docker, Continuous Integration, DevOps, Microservices
Rocklin, California, United States (Can work remotely)
* Veteran golang programmer * CI systems that scale * Container and Virtualization tech (cloud building, management) - I'm looking to use my skill set that I've developed over the last 20+ years to solve hard problems. Over the years I have managed to gain ...
Member of Technical Staff - 2 - Golang, Java, Spring Webflux, Javascript, C++
Bengaluru, India (Can work remotely)
Proficient: ​Java Familiar with: ​C++, Python, Go, JavaScript, Android development, SQL. Version Control: ​SVN, Git. Frameworks ​- ​Spring Webflux, Node Js, Angular 1.5 - VMWARE, INC Bangalore, India, Member of Technical Staff - 2 July 2015 - Prese...
Software Engineer - Golang, Security, Research, Automation, Network Programming
Syracuse, New York, United States (Can work remotely)

Software Engineer II - Golang, AWS, GRPC, Protobuf, NoSQL
Bangalore, India
I have been building, deploying and maintaining microservices with REST or RPC for the last 5 years. I love working with Golang. I've worked with Product Managers and Technical Architects on big scale designs; and, design sprints are my favourites. I've worke...
Software engineer - Software Development, Programming, Problem Solving
Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of (Can work remotely)
Go, Java, PHP, MongoDB, Mysql, Postgresql, Redis, Elasticsearch, design patterns, OOP, Solid, CQRS, FFMPEG, TDD, GRPC, SpringBoot, Laravel, Microservices, Software Architecture, GraphQL, Docker, Git, Kafka - I am a dedicated and flexible software engineer that...
Mid-Senior Software Developer - Golang, Python, Microservices, Docker
Barcelona, Spain (Can work remotely)
I have a somewhat peculiar background. Professionally, I have been working as a backend-focused developer. But in my spare time I have always been working on many (apparently unrelated) things: developing automated trading systems a few years ago, and curr...
Technical support engineer - Golang, Linux, Technical support
Surrey, United Kingdom, United Kingdom (Can work remotely)
Golang (Beginner), Kubernetes(non-production experience), Linux administration, F5, TCP/IP, DNS, SSL/TLS, packet capture analysis, - I have extensive work experience in technical support working with customers to troubleshoot and solve production issues around...
Software Engineer - Golang, Linux, GCP, SQL, Git
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Can work remotely)
Software development, SDLC, agile methodologies, databases (SQL and NoSQL), DevOps, CI/CD, operating systems, version control systems (Git), data structures and algorithms, problem solving skills, etc. - My current job is developing backend part of a large web...
senior beck-end developer - Go, C#,.net,restful,microservice
Auckland, New Zealand (Can work remotely)
Proficient in Golang and other back-end technologies - Making programming an art; Proficient in Golang and other back-end technologies; Familiar with data structures and algorithms, and I hope to be a CTO within 5 years....
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