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Software Engineer Software Engineer - Golang, C#, C++, Mongodb, Numerous-RDBMS
Waterloo Ontario, Canada (Can work remotely)
"Full stack" developer, most professional experience related to application programming. Experience with many languages and tools, the most recent being Golang, C++, and C#. Experience developing: web applications, cross platform mobile apps, and REST APIS. - ...
Go Programmer Go Programmer - Go, Docker, Linux, Python, PostgreSQL
Moscow, Russian Federation
I have plenty experience in writing web apis and some experience in writing system software(docker). - * Payment aggregator system: * Technologies: Twisted, PostgreSQL, Redis, XMLRPC, SOAP * Contribution: * Base architecture development ...
Senior Software Engineer - Golang, NodeJS, Java, ReactJS, PostgreSQL
Accra, Ghana (Can work remotely)
JavaScript Golang Container Orchestration (Kubernetes) GCP AWS - Video Streaming (Wi-Flix), Anti-Money Laundering (Trustpoint - Migmen Information System)...
Senior Go Dev / AWS Devops - FullStack, AWS Devops, Developer, Golang, JavaScript
Orlando, Florida, United States (Can work remotely)
Total IT: 12 years AWS Devops: 3 years Go developer programs: 5+ years Docker: 4 years NoSQL: 2 years SQL: 5 years Front-End: 12 years - Started front end development in 2008, Golang in 2014, and AWS in 2018. I Design, Develop and Deploy modern full sta...
Senior Software Engineer - GoLang, AWS, Scala, PHP
Nairobi, Kenya (Can work remotely)
GoLang, PHP, Scala My experience has been mostly in the FinTech industry, where I've worked largely building backend applications in the lending space. I've used GoLang to build lending orchestration systems, which are accessed from mobile devices, and b...
PHP dev - Golang, PHP, Node.js, React.js, SQL
NY, Swaziland (Can work remotely)
PHP​ - Hi, my name is Vlad...
Software Engineer - Golang, Ruby on Rails, SQL
Chennai, India
Golang, Ruby on Rails,PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Elastic Search, AWS, Heroku, Terraform, Docker, Linux, CircleCI, Github Actions - I have 5 years of experience as a web developer, primarily as a backend developer. My first gig was at a startup. From requirement...
Junior Software Engineer - Golang, MySQL, API, REST, Javascript
Plainwell, Michigan, United States (Can work remotely)
I am an out-of-the-box thinker. Problem solving is a hobby for me. - I've created an api for a social media app, A sockets server for MMO's, and an api for database management. All of these can be found on my site https://zanefinner.netlify.app...
Software Developer - Golang, Rest API, Stack developer, C++ , Java
Vadodara, India (Can work remotely)
Golang, C, C++, Java, REST API developer - I am a fresher just out of college and am looking for new and exciting opportunities. I recently completed my internship with a company as a Golang Developer for more than 22 different REST APIs. My primary work was d...
Junior Backend Developer - Golang, Hugo, C, HTML/CSS
Karmiel, Israel (Can work remotely)
i'm good at backend stuff, where you need to use rest or websocket api's - for now the biggest thing i wrote it was api conncector to stock exchange from scratch...