Golang / Go Profile: Full-stack Engineer

Full-stack Engineer - Golang, Angular, python, C, learner

Located in: 🇫🇷 France › Brest, 29200, France
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance

Worked for 3 years at DIATEAM doing rest api in golang and web-site in angular6-7-8
Diplomed from 42 Paris (Architect of numerics)

Experimented on creation of REST API from scratch in golang. Creation of front-end who could use the api.
Well writed code, and follow guidelines, use of git and gitlabs, quick learner, willing to discover new langage

What I look for
Currently looking for a job in New Zealande, I'm moving to Aukcland the 18September. I would like a job on back-end but I'am open to full-stack offer if I can still play with golang ! If there is some technologies that I have never practice, it's a plus ! I want to learn new skills !
in new zealand, I want to discover the country

How to contact me
you can contact me via email : guillian [dot] lavanant [at] gmail.com or on linkedin

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Additional information

Linkedin profile
Location: Brest, 29200, France, France