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Software Engineer III - Golang, Cryptography, Microservices
Golang, Cryptography, Microservices, Web API. - • 6+ years of application design and development experience in Java and Golang. • Experience working with web application development, distributed large software systems, networking, security software devel...
r&d lead - go,js,blockchain,web3,cybersec
Moscow, Russian Federation (Can work remotely)
r&d management, system analytics, system design, architecture design, tech innovations - Distributed protocols/systems, linux, fpga, gpgpu, hpc...
Senior Software Engineer - Golang, Python, AWS, Nosql, Django
Ahmedabad, Indiana, United States (Can work remotely)
Back End:​ ​ Python, Go, C#, C++, Java Front End : ​ Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap, Ajax, Json, CSS Tools: Docker, AWS, Git, SVN, GCP, RabbitMQ Databases : ​ InfluxDB, HDF5, Postgresql, Redis, MySQL Frameworks : ​ Django, Django Rest Framework, F...
Fullstack - Golang, React, PostgreSQL, Linux
Moscow, Russian Federation (Can work remotely)
Backend on go, python, i also C, PHP, etc...; Frontend on raw javascript or reactjs; I am also familiar with GNU/Linux. - Currently i am working with video analytics Previously working with blockchains and cryptocurrencies Earlier in the field of informati...
Senior Software Engineer - Python, Golang, Javascript, PHP, RDBMS
Chicago, Illinois, United States (Can work remotely)
Full Stack Engineer - Energetic software engineer with a passion for developing innovative programs that expedite the efficiency and effectiveness of organizational success. Skilled leader who has the proven ability to motivate, educate, and manage a team of p...
Senior Full Stack Developer - Golang, Sql, NoSql, Aws, Javascript
Austin, Texas, United States (Can work remotely)
Golang NoSQL ( ScyllaDB / Cassandra, Redis, MongoDB ) SQL ( PostgreSQL, MS SQL ) Messaging ( RabbitMQ, MQTT, NSQ, ActiveMQ ) Terraform Docker Orchestration ( Rancher, Swarm ) AWS ( RDS, Aurora, EC2, Fargate, ECR/ECS, ALB/ELB, Lambdas, Amazon MQ, SQS/SN...
Engineer software junnior - Golang, JavaScript, SQL, NoSQL
Bucaramanga, Colombia (Can work remotely)
Angular, Vue, Go, JavaScript - Soy desarrollador desde que tengo 16 años, inicié maquetando páginas con HTML y CSS para desarrolladores en PHP, en cuestión de semanas aprendí PHP, por lo que empecé a crear mi propio CMS a los 17. Un año después en bus...
Senior Systems Engineer - Junior Golang
Prague, Czech Republic (Can work remotely)
Troubleshooting, Automation, and lots of other bleeding-edge enterprise stuff) - 12 years of Enterprise Infrastructure implementation and support. Right now in transition to Linux and Golang....
Software Engineer - Golang, MySQL, GCP, concurrency, DevOps
Kyiv, Ukraine (Can work remotely)
Solved a bunch of algorithmic exercises on exercism.io, leetcode.com. Participated in Facebook hackercup, a few google's code jams and once passed qualification round. - Have solid experience in concurrent programming, API implementation, writing unit, integra...
Senior Software Engineer - Java, Go, React, Javascript, SQL
Yogyakarta, Indonesia (Can work remotely)
Software design and architecture, Programming skill (java, go, javascript, typescript), Spring framework (spring boot, spring jpa, spring integration) database - I've been coding since 2006 until now and I really enjoy coding. Mostly I code in java (2008-2019)...
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