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Software Engineer Software Engineer - Golang, AngularJS, JavaScript, NoSQL
Curitiba, Brazil (Can work remotely)
Go, JavaScript, AngularJS, C, C++, Python, Java, J2EE, Apache Hadoop, PostgreSQL, mongodb - Seasoned software developer with project- and team-management experience. Experienced in multiple industries (semiconductors, IT services, software engineering, consult...
Software Engineer Software Engineer - Golang, Ruby, AngularJS, Linux, MongoDB
Medellín, Colombia (Can work remotely)
Ruby 3+ years Golang (played with 1+ year toys/proof of concepts) AngularJS MongoDB Linux - Hi, my name is Simon Escobar, Software Engineer. Co-organizer of Golang Medellin Meet-Up (Colombia): http://www.meetup.com/Golang-Medellin/ Gihutb profile: https:...
Software Engineer Software Engineer - JavaScript, Go, AngularJS, HTML, CSS
Kharkiv, Ukraine
JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AngularJS, JQuery, d3.js, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Go, Gorilla Toolkit - I am working as a frontend developer during last 3 years. Last 2 years I created various single page applications using AngularJS in TDD approach. I have an experience i...
Full-Stack Engineer Full-Stack Engineer - Go, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Redis, NGINX
Mumbai, India (Can work remotely)
Building a modern web application requires knowledge of Server-Side Languages, Web frameworks, Third-Party API integration, Common Security Pitfalls, Linux Administration, Database Administration, JavaScript, HTML and CSS amongst other things. I have a decent ...
System Architect System Architect - Golang, Angularjs, NodeJS, GoogleAppManager, Phonegap
São Paulo, Brazil (Can work remotely)
I launched many web and mobile projects, so I have a great experience creating architectural solutions for MVPs and scalable products. Today I'm head of mobile project in ClickBus, a venture of Rocket Internet and love technology, working with many technologie...
Software Engineer Software Engineer - Golang, Ruby, JS, C/C++
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (Can work remotely)
Golang, TDD, Git, NoSQL (Redis, MongoDB), PostgreSQL, Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Linux, Objective-C/Swift, C/C++ - I am polyglot software engineer with wide range experience in different technology areas. I have 7 years experience in software development. My...
Senior Software Developer Senior Software Developer - Golang, OpenBSD, angularjs, bootstrap, postgresql
Mantua, Ohio, United States (Can work remotely)
Having worked on the full stack of web applications for close to 15 years, I have seen and built a lot of useful tools. I have extensive experience in the healthcare and financial service industry building both internal and external applications. This means I'...
Backend Web software developer Backend Web software developer - Golang, Ruby, SOA, Networking, scalability
Vilnius, Lithuania (Can work remotely)
Languages: Golang, Ruby, Node.js, JavaScript, PHP, Python Paradigm: OOP, FP, OOD, TDD, SOA Frameworks/Packages: Gorillatoolkit, Beego, Revel, Goji, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Sails.js, Symfony 2, OXID, Wordpress, OpenCart, ImpressPages Database: MySQL, Postgre...
Programmer Programmer - Golang, Debian, git, Python, Django
Tokyo, Japan (Can work remotely)
later - My background is with Python and Django but interested in opportunities where I get to use Go....
Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - Elixir, Erlang, Golang, PHP, Ruby
Portland, Oregon, United States (Can work remotely)
I program in a number of languages, and stay on top of current technologies. - Professional Polyglot Programmer....
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