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Senior Software Engineer - Golang, Ruby, AWS, Docker, PostgreSQL
Chicago / remote, United States (Can work remotely)
Object Oriented software design, test/behavior driven development, code cleanliness, linear algebra and mathematical modeling - I am a talented software engineer with a healthy balance of quick delivery and expert quality -- as I like to say, a "digital plumbe...
Sr. Director Platform Operations - SRE, Terraform, Go, Chef, Packer
Atlanta, Georgia, United States (Can work remotely)
Packer, Terraform, AWS, Azure DevOps, Git, Chef - Today I enjoy contributing to the design, deployment and maintenance of large scale, cloud infrastructures based on Linux and Windows. Work has ranged from devops including everything from embedded platforms al...
Junior web developer - Golang, PHP, Docker, microservices, organization
Paris, France (Can work remotely)
- Golang - PHP, also in Symfony framework (3.4 version) - NodeJS (notions) - Javascript Vanilla, Jquery - CSS, Sass, Less - ReactJS, AngularJS (notions) - Docker - Kubernetes (notions) - Google Cloud (notions) - CI/CD : CircleCi, Jenkins, GitLab ...
junior software enginner - Golang, docker,graphql, Postgres, mysql, javascript, ReactJs
Abidjan côte d'ivoire, Cote D'Ivoire (Can work remotely)
I'm good at back end and application security but also at front end. - - Crawl data from several web site and server another project with an API - Energize and secure a website...
Senior Software Developer - Golang, Kubernates, G
Kyiv, Ukraine (Can work remotely)
Professional skills : Golang, Node.js, React.js, React Native, Angular, Python 2.7- 3.4, Lua, MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Git, Agile, Scrum, C ++ - basic . Education : Higher education, ADI DonNTU, faculty "Economics and management", specialty econom...
Senior Engineer - Go golang Linux services frontends databases
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States (Can work remotely)
Go docker js for lab Linux most any language. - Web front and backend, and microsevices using Go. CICD using for lab and Dockers. Senior with all of those....
Engineering Lead - Golang, Python, Java, TDD, gRPC, Rest, Kafka, Airflow, Postgresql, MySQL, Consul.io, Kubernetes, Jenkins, RedisClusster, Membership, Kong, Cassandra
Vietnam, Viet Nam (Can work remotely)
TDD, CleanCode Design, Design Pattern Python, Java, Golang are the most familiar language - I've been working for many companies at Million user scale. I'm looking for an opportunity outside Vietnam for expanding Technology and Culture aspect....
Junior Developer - Golang
Nairobi, Kenya (Can work remotely)
Am good at debugging and creative in solving problems. I also work well with others. - I've contributed to building a website for an Upwork client in the past year. I've also open sourced a Go dev tool in Github....
Senior Software Enginner - Golang, Java, Distributed Systems, MySQL, Elastic
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Data structures & Algorithms, Web Development, API development - I've developed applications (both web and API's) that are used for nationwide consumption....
Cloud Software & Infrastructure Architect - Golang, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Node.JS
Hamburg, Germany (Can work remotely)
Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, Google Cloud Golang, JavaScript (Node.JS, React, Angular) - Originally being a software developer I started looking into architecture and DevOps things more and more. After having taken over responsibility for the CI/CD pipeline of a ...