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Software Developer - golang, server-side, mongoDB, PostgreSQL, javascript
Wellington, Florida, United States (Can work remotely)
html css javascript golang - I have a passion for golang (Go) programming along with a unique background in the financial services industry, where I focused on regulatory compliance (monitoring and analysis) and reporting for institutions of varied sizes. M...
Software Engineer - Golang - AWS, Java, PostgreSQL, Bash/Linux, Golang
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Can work remotely)
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate, Golang, PostgreSQL, SQL, C, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript - Graduate in Software Engineering with 2.5 years of experience in working with cutting-edge technology. A quick learner and a team player with excellent probl...
Software Engineer - Golang, Nodejs, Blockchain, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric
Hyderabad, India
Blockchain, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Golang, Nodejs, Docker, Reactjs, Github, Redis, Kubernetes - I am a Blockchain Researcher and Developer with 3+ years of experience. I have experience in Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain. I am a Lead Blockcha...
tech lead/architect - golang, blockchain, architecture, cyber-security, hpc
Moscow, Russian Federation
Technical consulting, architecture and protocols design, software development (go,js,c++,py,etc.), test-automation (qa), tech product management - developed complex hw/sw solutions (linux, clusters, gpgpu, fpga), distributed protocols (l1/l2), smartcontracts...
Software Engineer - go, python, libvirt/virtualisation, linux, unix
Ankara, Turkey (Can work remotely)
* Proficiency in Python, Bash and Golang languages * Proficiency in Virtualisation kvm/qemu and networking systems * Proficiency in Linux/Unix Server Management and Monitoring (thesis subject) * Experince CI/CD and Ansible,Nginx,Apache, Load Balancer * Exp...
Junior Golang developer - Golang Javascript Python SQL Linux
Moscow, Russian Federation (Can work remotely)
Golang - I have about 1 year experience in golang and completed small projects....
Go lead/developer - Golang Java Python Blockchain JS
Burgas, Bulgaria (Can work remotely)
Management all the solution lifecycle o solution design, development and delivery o customer negotiations/solution presentation/proposal development o project team establishment/management o customer expectation management - Design and development of comple...
Golang Engineer & Fan - golang, js, vue, html, api
Everywhere, Russian Federation (Can work remotely)
golang, http, websockets, api, data structures - I love golang. I made several big services such as social network, calendar platform, job board, search engines etc. I love speed and high scaleable apps. I love µs....
Senior Software Engineer - Golang, Docker, K8s, PHP, RabbitMQ
Berlin, Germany
TDD, Microservices, Golang, Docker/K8s/Helm, Kafka, RabbitMQ, PHP - I am enjoying the knowledge of software architecture, OOP, SOLID principles, TDD, BDD, system programming, ​automating​ of testing procedures, parallel processing, domain-driven design etc...
Software Engineer - Backend - Golang, Postgres, AWS, Javascript, Docker
Accra, Ghana (Can work remotely)
I am good with setting up code architectures and getting stuff done. - I combine my technical background with my experience in running a startup, that gives me a unique skill set and the ability to start and getting things done while communicating effectively ...
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