Golang / Go Profile: Junior web developer

Junior web developer - Golang, PHP, Docker, microservices, organization

Located in: 🇫🇷 France › Paris
Looking for: Freelance - Can work remotely

After 7 years of digital journalism, I've decided to become a web developer in 2017.
With the intensive, 5-months Epitech's retraining class, I've managed to achieve it by becoming a web developer at IZI By EDF, a leader firm in restoration work.
I'm now working for the website of another leader, in French tourism this time : Le Guide du Routard.

- Golang
- PHP, also in Symfony framework (3.4 version)
- NodeJS (notions)
- Javascript Vanilla, Jquery
- CSS, Sass, Less
- ReactJS, AngularJS (notions)
- Docker
- Kubernetes (notions)
- Google Cloud (notions)
- CI/CD : CircleCi, Jenkins, GitLab
- Git
- PgSQL, SQL, MongoDB

What I look for
I would like to be better at Golang and devops issues. I also wish to improve in Javascript.
I would like to work in Canada or New Zealand, but rather be in full remote first.

How to contact me
Through LinkedIn

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