Golang / Go Job: Senior Software Engineer

Security Onion Solutions, LLC

Senior Software Engineer at Security Onion Solutions, LLC

Remote › 🇺🇸 100% remote position (in the US)
  (Posted Mar 4 2022)

About the company
We are the builders of Security Onion, a free Linux distribution for threat hunting, network security monitoring, and log management. It includes best-of-breed free and open tools such as Suricata, Zeek, Wazuh, Osquery, Elastic Stack, and many others. Security Onion Solutions offers appliances, professional services, cloud resources, and official training centered around the Security Onion platform.

Founded in 2014 by Security Onion creator Doug Burks, Security Onion Solutions has a small team with a global reach and ethos rooted in the community. We offer a competitive benefits package, excellent work/life balance, and a culture built on communication and trust.

Highly competitive salary, based on experience

Job description
Security Onion Solutions is looking for a Senior Golang developer! The successful candidate will be responsible for contributing to the Security Onion project, a free and open threat-hunting and log analysis platform. The developer will also respond to related escalated Support issues and directly related Community Support items. This position is remote, full time, Monday - Friday. Infrequent travel (5%) may be required.

Required Skills/Experience/Education
- At least 2 years experience in writing enterprise-grade Go software
- Extensive Linux experience, preferably Debian and/or CentOS flavors
- Unit testing and integration testing experience
- Front-end experience, including HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
- Comprehensive understanding of networking and threading software principles
- Understanding and use of secure software development practices

Preferred Skills/Experience/Education
- Vue.js framework
- Computer and network security
- SaltStack or equivalent configuration management tools such as Ansible
- Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, or closely related discipline

Requirements for all Security Onion Solutions Employees
- Must be a US citizen and reside in the US
- Ability to pass a background check and drug screen
- Previous success working with remote teams
- Ability to self-manage time and objectives


Company: Security Onion Solutions, LLC


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