Golang jobs where sqs skills are wanted

Among others, Lob, 7 of D, Humn.ai and Caring.com are hiring
Golang jobs with similar technologies: aws terraform nosql kubernetes redis gcp sns devops graphql

Golang job Staff Software Engineer, Platform at Lob Staff Software Engineer, Platform - Lob   (March 2022)
San Francisco, California, United States (Remote work possible)
Location: San Francisco, CA (HQ) & Remote: AZ, CA, CO, DC, GA, IL, MA, MD, MI, MN, NC, NV, NY, OR, PA, TX, UT, WA Lob was built by technical co-founders with a vision to make the world programmable....
Golang job Senior Golang Developer for a Gaming Startup at 7 of D Senior Golang Developer for a Gaming Startup - 7 of D   (January 2022)
Remote Europe, 100% Remote - Salary: 70,000 - 100,000 GBP per annum
WHO ARE WE AND WHAT DO WE DO? ā€œ7 of Dā€ Ltd is a newly founded startup, registered in the UK, dedicated to building up an online platform for bridge. What is bridge? Bridge is one of the most popu...
Golang job Senior Golang Software Engineer at Humn.ai Senior Golang Software Engineer - Humn.ai   (November 2021)
Remote Europe, 100% Remote - Salary: Ā£70,000 - Ā£85,000
If building data pipelines in a fast-moving company with the latest technology stack sound good to you then read on! Who are we? Humn.ai is an award-winning venture-backed InsurTech headquartered ...
Golang job Senior Software Engineer at Caring.com Senior Software Engineer - Caring.com   (October 2021)
Remote US, 100% Remote - Salary: 140k - 180k
We are seeking a talented and experienced Senior Software Engineer to join our high-quality, collaborative product engineering team. Our primary architecture is oriented around small independent servi...

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