Golang / Go Job: Systems Software Engineer - Distributed Systems

Igneous Systems

Systems Software Engineer - Distributed Systems at Igneous Systems

Seattle, Washington, United States   (Posted Aug 20 2015)
About the company
We're a group of industry veterans looking to permanently change the enterprise data center. Of course, behind any change is a great team - and we're building that now. We've been growing rapidly, but it's not too late to play a significant part in the design & development of our industry-changing product.

Job position

Job description
We’re not saying much yet, but you might want to work with us if you:

Are intrigued by the idea of working across the entire stack in a single language - Go (Golang)
Want to build high-traffic, highly-reliable, distributed systems
Know that the “full stack” goes deeper and doesn’t always mean merely the web
Care about solving systems-level problems are automation, distributed computing, storage, filesystems, availability, scalability and performance
Are passionate about the end-to-end customer experience
Understand “the cloud” and that it’s not a magic bullet
Want to be on a team with a proven record of redefining an entire industry - and that’s poised to do it again.

As a Systems Software Engineer at Igneous Systems you join an amazing team as we take on an overlooked market segment. You’ll get to work end-to-end on an enterprise-scale product that will permanently change the landscape.

Skills & requirements
Equally, we really want to work with you, if you:

Are interested in Open Source, Docker, Golang and/or Linux development
Like to tinker across entire stack of solution development - from hardware to UI
Want solve large, complex problems that will take you well outside your current skill set
Have worked on large scale distributed systems
Have knowledge in areas like distributed computing, storage, file systems, automation, availability, scalability or performance
Have 2+ years of commercial development experience

Instructions how to apply
see the website
[ job website ]

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Company: Igneous Systems

Igneous Systems
Location: Seattle, Washington, United States

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