Golang / Go Profile: Web Developer II

Web Developer II - Golang, Angular, React, MongoDB, MySql

Located in: 🇺🇸 United States › Wisconsin › Eau Claire
Looking for: Permanent

I have been a full-time Go Developer for 2 years at the same company. I am a full-stack developer and am responsible for all aspects of app development, including DB administration, deployment, front end, backend, and project management. Previous to my current position, I was a PHP developer for half a year.

Golang (2 years)
Javascript (2.5 years) - spanning NodeJS, JQuery, AngularJS, React
C# (6 months)
PHP (6 months)
HTML/CSS (2.5 years)

What I look for
I am seeking full-time, permanent employment with a progressive company. I like to stay on top of new technologies and am seeking a company with a similarly aligned culture. I am a great developer with an impressive skill set, but also realize that there is plenty more to learn--my ideal position would utilize my skills while fostering ongoing learning.
Eau Claire, WI area (west central Wisconsin). Remote work is great!

How to contact me

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