Golang / Go Profile: Mid Software Developer

Mid Software Developer - GoLang, Python, Java, NodeJS, NoSQL,

Located in: 🇮🇹 Italy › Rome
Looking for: Permanent

I started coding when I was 14. The first language that I learned was Python (self taught); after that I was day by day interested more in web development till this day. I love working with Go, and I have years of experience in Python and Java.
Actually I am enrolled in an IT course in Rome mainly focused in the develop of IoT Systems and Web Services.

- Good communicator. Quick to learn new skills, languages, technologies.
- Love to work in team but perfectly capable alone.
- Scrum and TDD for 2 years
- Web Services Rest
- Android (Native)
- Languages: Go, Python (flask, django), PHP (laravel), Java (spring), NoSQL and SQL. Most languages can be learned very fast once you know a few.

What I look for
I am looking for a position where I can focus on web development with a strong preference for Go backends, but I am open to most anything.
I am Italian and open to relocation, but of course it depends on the location and the job.

How to contact me
Please send me a message through Linkedin.

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